Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Pre-Baby Quarantine: Days 4 - 6

It's been surprising to me that our family's pre-baby quarantine has been flying by. I know some people say that their pregnancy seemed to slow down to a snails pace toward the end but that hasn't been true for me! After making it through the first trimester, this pregnancy has gone so fast for me! These last few weeks, especially.

I am starting to feel the bitter-sweetness of this pregnancy coming to an end, soon. I am going to miss being pregnant. It's so special to feel her kicks and movements. I love having her all to myself in this time. But, I also cannot wait to finally have her here with us; safe in our arms. I cannot wait for Piper to experience the growing of love that Nick and I have experienced when expanding our family the first time. I cannot wait to see Nick father another sweet baby; he is seriously the best dad. God has seemed to bless him with the near perfect amount of gentleness and strength for his role as "girl dad". It's such an incredible, beautiful thing to witness. This family is such a blessing to me! Thank you, God!

Pre-baby quarantine has been going really well. Deciding to quarantine for a period of time before baby's arrival was a decision that took a lot of prayer and discussion with my husband. In prayer we were prompted to consider if our decision was being made out of fear or love. I feel like that's question and filter God wants us to use when making decisions throughout this pandemic (and always) - His filter: love. 

While it's easy to think of all the reasons we have to fear in these final weeks of pregnancy during the height of this pandemic, we were able to identify our core reasoning for quarantine was out of love. Love and protection for our family. Quarantining our family is a wise thing to do in such a crucial time of my pregnancy. 

We are happy that we have still been able to bless others during this time despite physically isolating ourselves from them. We did a soup drop-off to our sick parents yesterday (good thing we were isolated and did not get sick with them this week) and Nick was able to help his brother with a water heater issue without physically coming in contact with his family. 

We are going to continue to try and filter every decision we have to make in the coming months through the lens of love over fear. This might mean we have an extended time of quarantine with a newborn - infant, or not. We trust God will help us in all our decisions as long as we continue to seek Him, first.

I started to document the first three days of quarantine (here) and so I figured I'd try to keep it going for as long as I can until baby arrives! Here is a little recap of days 4 - 6 of pre-baby quarantine.

DAY 4:

Relaxing was top priority on day 4 of quarantine. I could tell baby was growing, as I woke up tired on another level and couldn't shake the feeling the rest of the day. When my husband got home, he suggested I take a bath. So, instead of making dinner, I was taking a bubble bath at 5pm. It was glorious! 

I decided in the bath that we were going to order pizza for dinner. When I was done with my bath, we all headed upstairs to have pizza in bed. Our daughter wanted to take her pizza in her room and watch a show, so Nick and I had a bed pizza date. Then, I went to bed early while Nick put Piper to bed.

DAY 5:

Officially 37 weeks and full term on day 5 of quarantine! It was a typical schooling from home day. During our break, I wrote Piper goodnight letters for the evenings when I will be in the hospital. 

Right now, the hospital allows your 1 support person to leave and return once per day. So, depending on the hospital regulations at the time of delivery (could change any day), Nick may be able to leave the hospital to be with Piper in the evenings. However, I know that I won't be able to be with her and so I wanted to make sure she had something to feel special from me on those nights. We are also planning on doing a couple more things to make those days without us special.

DAY 6:

This was another day of home school. The weather ended up being really nice for this time of year and so in the afternoon we were able to visit with a couple family members outside, with ample distance and masks on. Piper was able to ride her bike, jump on the trampoline, and run around. It was a great day that didn't feel much like quarantine at all!

In the evening, I had a lot more energy than usual. I finished up the big task of sorting and putting away all of the baby laundry. I also reorganized and solidified our clothing system for the kids moving forward. This was a big win!

To be honest, in the months leading up to this season of quarantine, and before truly praying through it all, I was dreading the thought of it. I was anxious and nervous that this would be a depressing time to be apart from family and friends for so long. I know we are still in the early days of quarantine, but God has gifted me such a peace about it. I also feel like we've been using our time wisely. It's been a good mix of productivity, rest, and soaking in the blessings around us.

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