Friday, November 27, 2020

Pre-Baby Quarantine: Days 7 - 9

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you all had a happy and safe Thanksgiving. We had a quarantined Thanksgiving, of course. I'll cover that all in another post soon. Today, I wanted to share the recap of days 7 - 9 of our pre-baby quarantine.

DAY 7:

This was the last day of home school before Thanksgiving break! My husband got home from work early this day so I could go to my prenatal appointments, which lasted most of the afternoon. 

I had a sonogram, meeting with the doctor, followed by a non-stress test. Everything looked really good!

After dinner, we had a fire outside. That was really fun and relaxing!

DAY 8:

On day 8 of pre-baby quarantine, we did a big donation drop off. It was zero contact and really nice to unload all the bags from the basement. We then went to our appointment for grocery pick-up. We really love grocery pick-up. It's so nice to not have to go into the stores right now with COVID cases so high in our area.

When we got home, we put away groceries and played a few games of Go-Fish. We have been loving card games lately. We've been playing Go-Fish, Old Maid, Crazy 8's and Uno Attack on the regular during quarantine.

Later in the afternoon, I began the long process of purging toys; creating new bags for donation. It took about 4 hours to purge toys and re-organize them with a new system that would work best for us moving forward. Before we went to bed, we put up the Christmas tree.

DAY 9:

On day 9 of pre-baby quarantine, we decorated the Christmas tree and the house for Christmas. Oh, how I love decorating the house for Christmas. The lights are so calming. I love to meditate and pray with the lights on.

For lunch, I made lasagna soup (a new family favorite). For dinner, I made ham and bean soup (and old time family favorite). We also made paper chain countdowns to Baby and Christmas!

We are so close to meeting this baby! We are soaking up every moment until then! Please keep us in prayer for a healthy delivery and God's protection from any illness leading up to delivery and after we return home.

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  1. Speaking as a fellow prego, I'm a little jealous of your non-stretch-mark belly :) Praying protection over your whole family. That moment where you first see your baby...there's nothing like it. I swear it's like crack.