Thursday, December 31, 2020

4 Week Postpartum Update | Baby #2

I am officially 4 weeks postpartum tomorrow, and I wanted to share a little update on how I'm doing physically, mentally and otherwise.

The final weeks of pregnancy consisted of an incredible amount of joy in anticipation of welcoming our second daughter into this family. To be quite honest, the final weeks of pregnancy also consisted of some anxiety as to what this postpartum period would look like; being a new mom of two during a global pandemic. However, I am pleased to say that these past four weeks have gone better than I could have ever expected. God is so good!

My husband and I were blessed that we could afford for him to take three weeks of unpaid time off work to stay at home with us after Delaney's birth. This helped in so many ways! It was also so good for him to have that bonding time with Delaney and the entire family. It was precious time for our family that we will forever cherish.

First and most importantly, because Nick stayed home we were able to fully quarantine for those initial weeks with him home. Second, Piper was able to have one of us at any given time to help support her transition into being a big sister (which, I must say, has gone incredibly well). 


Having Nick home during those first three weeks also helped me to truly be able to heal and recover from my c-section, without the pressure of trying to "do it all" myself. I also believe having him home helped me emotionally and mentally. I didn't have any cause for anxiety with him home during that sensitive period when hormones take a huge dip. Having him return to work this past week seemed like perfect timing, as I am so much more independent and my hormones seem to be more regulated.

A couple days after we got home from the hospital, I started noticing that as soon as the sun would go down, I would start getting weepy. During those nights when the sun would go down I would cry for just about any reason, or no reason at all. My husband was there to talk me through it, and of course, he was there to make me laugh. We knew from my first postpartum experience that this happens and it doesn't last. Thankfully, it only lasted until about the end of the second week postpartum. Not that it's a bad thing to cry, it just feels good to have my emotions more regulated now.


Physically, I am doing so much better this time around, and that is even with a pretty big setback in mind. A week after my c-section, we took off my pico wound vac dressing to find that I had a decent size opening in my incision that was leaking quite a bit. A couple days later I went into the office for my doctor to take a look. He ended up opening the incision even more to allow the fluid that was built up behind the wound to drain. I had a follow-up visit a week later, at which time he was pleased to see it was beginning to close up on it's own. At three weeks postpartum, my incision stopped draining. At four weeks postpartum now, it is almost completely closed and I am just about back to normal as far as physical activity goes! I have been praising God every day for such a great recovery, with no infection!


At my first prenatal appointment in the Spring, I weighed around 230 lbs. At my final prenatal appointment, I weighed around 250 lbs. During this pregnancy, I only gained about 20 lbs. which I am very proud about! And, while I am not trying to lose weight right now, I was surprised to see that I have lost all of my pregnancy weight already! I stepped on the scale to see 227 lbs this morning. I'm convinced breastfeeding helps with this because of the extra calories it burns and all of the extra water I drink.


Overall, I am doing really well and I know it has so much to do with living out these days in God's strength and not my own. I have been listening to worship music during Delaney's feedings and staying engaged in The Word through daily devotionals. I also have a really great Christian community cheering me on, and checking in with me. God is so good to give us exactly what we need. 

This entire year, which started out with my third miscarriage and ended with Delaney's birth, has taught me that I can fully trust in Him and that He will not let us sink when we keep our eyes on Him.

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