Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Third Trimester: Weeks 36 - 39 | Baby #2

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! It's here! The final update of my third trimester with Baby #2! I am so in love with this baby girl. I am so blessed to have had all this time with her growing inside of me. I cannot wait to help her grow in love "on the outside" soon!

Week 36:

- COVID numbers began exploding this week

- We began a pre-baby quarantine of our family

- Meditating in prayer every morning

- Praising God for a sense of peace that is stronger than the fear/anxiety

Week 37:

- Finally full term and feeling great!

- Braxton Hicks contractions happen daily but they are still dull

- Checking a lot of items off of our pre-baby to do list

- Spent so many hours sorting through baby clothes we had stored away from when Piper was a baby

Week 38:

- Final prenatal appointment

- Doctor said baby is very low and thinks she's around 7 lbs

- Nesting like crazy, but also trying to take time to relax and enjoy this precious time

- Celebrated Thanksgiving, safely at home

Week 39:

- Hospital bag is finally packed

- Feeling super blessed and experiencing a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions

My final pregnancy update with a letter to our baby will be coming out soon, and then I will be treating myself to a little break from posting until after baby arrives. Hopefully we'll be announcing her arrival in the next week or so! We can't wait!

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