Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Delaney Jane: Two Months

Baby Laney turned 2 months old this past Thursday! I can't believe how fast time is flying by with this second baby. She is still considered a newborn, but I can see the many ways that season is coming to an end after this month.

First of all, she's got some awesome head and neck control. She loves to be held upright so she can look around at everything. She also started smiling at the sight of us and has been letting out some quiet chuckles. Really nothing beats walking over to her just to be greeted with the biggest, most pure-loving smile at the sight of our faces. She is so, so sweet.

As for sleep at 2 months old, she is doing great! She gives us anywhere between  4 - 7 hour sleep intervals at night! Honestly, she gives us more 7 hour intervals than not. I always get nervous to talk about sleep, though. I feel like in the past I would talk about how good of a sleeper Piper was and then it seemed to change the next day. However, I'd like to believe we have a good sleeper on our hands! At least until the "4 month sleep regression" hits. We'll just enjoy the sleep we're getting now while we're getting it!

Some of Delaney's favorite things at 2 months old are:

- bath time
- car rides
- listening to and watching her sister
- cooing
- smiling*
- holding up her head in an upright position to look all around
- long walks in our arms around the house
- listening to the shower and blow dryer

Some things that Delaney is not so fond of include:

- stopping at red lights while in the car
- the witching hour(s) in the evening (not so often but still occasionally)
- getting dried off after bath time
- laying flat on her back (we're making progress on this, though)
- tummy time
- gas pains (not happening as often, now)

These past two months have gone by so incredibly fast. This is my reminder to slow down and continue to just soak up each moment because babies don't keep. This is also my reminder to try and pick up my camera more because this photo from Piper's birthday is the only picture I have of Delaney from last month on my camera.

Don't worry! I have more pictures of her from this past month. They were just all taken on my phone because my phone is more easily accessible in these moments. Here they are:

Delaney Jane, we love you, sweet girl!