Monday, February 1, 2021

Postpartum Baby Steps + February Goals

Happy Monday and happy first day of February! 

This is an exciting week! Here's why:

- Today I’m sharing my February goals and "postpartum baby steps" for eventually getting back into my goal of losing 100 lbs. 

- On Wednesday, you’ll want to revisit me here if you’re interested in seeing a glimpse into "a day in our life with a newborn and a kindergartener". 

- Then, on Friday, I will be sharing a video of footage taken between Thanksgiving and Christmas when we were "safe at home for the holidays" pregnant, and then with our newborn.

Blogging 3x/week is one of my goals for the month of February! You can see the full list, below. Please keep in mind, I am setting these goals 8 weeks postpartum.

February Goals

Schedule in self care and do it.

Daily devotional time

Blogging 3x/week 

Schedule a chiropractor appointment (Done! It's happening today!)

Schedule a hair appointment (Called. Just waiting to hear back!)

“Self care Sunday’s” (1-2hrs on Sunday afternoons)

More of a focus on nutrition.

120oz water/day. During pregnancy, I couldn’t stand the taste of water. I managed to drink my daily water intake by mixing it with Gatorade until about a month postpartum. I’m thankful my tolerance for straight water has returned. I aim for about a gallon of water each day.

Mindfulness / Intuitive Eating. This is how I’d been eating throughout my entire pregnancy and postpartum period. I may start tracking calories again next month but, I’m not rushing it. This is one of those "postpartum baby steps" for me. I am 8 weeks postpartum and my body is still going through a lot of changes, coming out of pregnancy.

Weekly meal planning. This always helps me to be more mindful about my meals.

Easing into activity.

Short walks, whenever I can. This is another "postpartum baby step". I hope to go for a short walk whenever I can, either on my treadmill or outside. Ideally, I'd like to aim for once or twice a week this month but I'm not holding myself to any specific goal for activity right now.

Give free weights a try at some point in the month. I have a set of free weights in the basement by my treadmill and I'd like to try some sort of routine with them at some point. I am looking at this month as a time of experimenting with my postpartum body. There may be things it likes, and there may be things that my body is just not ready for quite yet and that's for me to explore this month!


As is the title of my blog, I will have "goal of losing" weight again in the coming months. For now though, my goal is to just maintain my weight between 235-225. There has been a lot of fluctuating in my weight over the past few weeks, as is normal for this season. I'll be allowing my body to find it’s happy place to land between now and 12 weeks postpartum (in March) before setting any goal of losing weight. 

*If you're in a postpartum season like me, I hope you listen to your body and your doctor as far as getting back into any sort of weight-loss related things. My doctor has removed all limitations for me and yet, I am still choosing to take it slow. I see it as a way of honoring my body for what it's done. I hope you'll also honor yourself and where you're at (postpartum or not).


  1. I’m due with our rainbow baby in June, and our son will be starting Kindergarten this fall. I’m looking forward to your post on the two!

  2. Congratulations, Conda! That is so exciting!! I hope the post will be helpful to you. ❤️