Monday, March 1, 2021

March Goals 2021 | 12 Weeks Postpartum | Baby #2

Happy Monday and happy first day of March! 

I am officially 12 weeks postpartum (as of Friday) and honestly, I thought I would be ready to start setting some more aggressive goals at this stage in my postpartum journey. I thought I'd be ready to begin an exercise routine and set official weight-loss goals but, I'm not there yet. Instead, I feel like I must pause to take inventory of my thoughts and listen to what my body and mind really needs right now.

Instead of trying to meet a certain number on the scale, I feel like I should be focusing more on re-establishing healthy rhythms. My healthy rhythms include: weekly meal planning, daily devotionals, fitting in some sort of activity throughout the week, drinking all the water I need, choosing healthier food for meals and snacks, etc. 

I know how that all might sound. Aren't those all the things I'd be doing to try to lose weigh anyway? It very well may be the case that by focusing on those healthy rhythms I will naturally lose weight but, even if not, that's okay. 

Losing weight is not the goal this month as much as focusing on getting settled into healthier rhythms. Once I manage to get those healthy rhythms feeling more natural, I will feel much better about setting weight-loss goals again.

This month, I want to focus more on the healthy rhythms rather than the scale itself. The scale can be deceiving, especially to a postpartum body. My hormones feel a little wild at the moment. I am not going to put any unnecessary pressure on myself in this condition. I believe that by taking this extra pause in my goal of losing weight, it will help me more in the long run. Who knows? I might even be ready to start setting weigh-loss goals again mid-month. All I know is that I am not ready right now.

I hope by sharing my perspective in this stage of life it encourages you to listen to your body, as well. If you haven't done so already, use this post as a reminder to pause and really assess what your mind and body need this month.

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