Friday, April 9, 2021

Finding Our Rhythm + Grill From Home Week

Hey, everyone! It's been a while, again. I am hoping to not be as sporadic with my posting, soon. 

My husband is finally back to work after being laid off for over a month. We really tried to soak up as much of that time together as we could and that's a part of the reason I was blogging less during that time. We essentially had no solid rhythm during that time and I've found without that, certain things just don't happen. Blogging is one of those things.

While I am going to miss my husband being home, I am excited about jumping back into our normal routine and rhythms. Delaney is a whole month older now (update coming soon) and so we basically get to establish new rhythms based on her development and current nap routine. One thing that is for sure coming back is my morning devotional time. I've even started a new evening mediation routine for myself, too. 

Trying to adjust to my husband going back to work this week has been a little hectic to start. We do a great job at sharing the load when he is here. Without him here, there is a lot more for me to be trying to get done (while facilitating remote learning and caring for a 4 month old). Whenever things get hectic, the lie we sometimes believe is that we need to do less for ourselves. I've learned over time that it's actually the opposite that is needed during those hectic times. This is when it's most important to be fitting in self care! My morning devotions and evening meditations are my way of fitting in more self care right now.

I also committed to cooking at home more this week. I realized that I haven't gone a full week of cooking all our meals from home in quite some time (let's say 4 months) and so I bought a ton of produce, different meats and made this week our grill from home week! The weather was perfect for it, which made it even better!

Monday: Grilled Salmon + Zucchini + Yellow Squash + Fries

Tuesday: Grilled Steak + Mushrooms + Asparagus + Squash + Potatoes

Wednesday: Grilled Shrimp + Pineapple + Peppers + Onions + Squash

Thursday: Grilled BBQ Chicken + Poatoes + Boiled Carrots 

Friday (tonight): Grilled Sausage, Peppers, Onions + Potatoes

Grilling week has been amazing! My body is feeling better from eating all of these well balanced meals. I am really looking forward to bringing back a couple of these meals into next week, too.

Have a good weekend! I'll be posting more next week as we fall into our new home rhythm.

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