Friday, April 30, 2021

First Postpartum Weigh-In for Weight Loss

I am only a few days away from being 5 months postpartum and I finally feel like this is the month where I can begin to work on my goal of losing weight, again. Granted, if at any time I feel like it's not healthy (for my mind) to be focusing on weight-loss right now, I will push pause. 

I take the postpartum season very seriously when it comes to mental health and I am a big fan of not putting unnecessary pressures on oneself during the first 6 months (to a year) after bringing another life into this world. With that said, I believe I may be ready to start giving myself a goal to work toward, and this next month will be my experiment to see if my mind is truly ready for that kind of a challenge.

If you notice, I talk about "my mind being ready" and I refer to my mental health when talking about starting a new weight-loss goal. I believe the battle for weight-loss is not done on the scale as much as it is done in the mind.

Earlier in the week, I felt very bloated and just ready to stop the cycle of gaining weight that I felt I've been on since breastfeeding came to an end a couple months ago. My first postpartum weigh-in for weight loss was 243lbs on Monday, April 26. This week, I did a trial run of tracking my nutrition and I am now down to 240lbs. I lost 3 pounds this week and I feel like I am ready to keep going.

On Monday, I'll be sharing my goal of losing for the month of May. I am both nervous and excited to begin my first challenge in over a year! While I will have a goal of losing weight in the month of May, I feel like my true goal is to keep my mental health in top shape while beginning a new challenge. I will be doing frequent check-ins with myself and I give myself the permission to push pause if needed.

I feel like there are not enough people sharing the importance of mental health and weight-loss, especially for postpartum mothers. I also feel like there are not enough people modeling the practice of grace with oneself when it comes to weight-loss in general. You can give yourself the permission to pause, refocus, or rest at anytime.

In my opinion, staying true to your mental health needs is more important than losing weight, especially in the first year after having a baby. With that said, I feel like if I care for my mental health, the goal I'm trying to reach will be more attainable.

Be kind to yourself, friends! I'll see you back here on Monday.

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  1. I think you are in the right mind space...ready to do it...realistically..and willing to pause if it isn’t the right time for you!!!! You’ve got this!!!!