Wednesday, May 12, 2021

What to do When You’re Not Losing Weight

What to do when you’re not losing weight.

The title of this post makes it sound like I know exactly what I’m doing, or as if I know exactly what you should do. Let me stop right there and say that I don’t. However, I will share what I’ve been doing lately in this situation.

At the end of April, I lost 3 lbs in a week. I was feeling ready to set a weight loss goal for the first time since having my second baby (in December). It’s been almost 2 weeks since setting a goal to lose 10 lbs in May and guess what, I haven’t lost any more weight.

The “all or nothing” mentality usually tries to creep in during times like these. I feel tempted to throw in the towel; to set this goal off for another month. Granted, the goal of losing 10 pounds might not actually be attainable at this point, but that doesn’t mean I have to stop trying to lose weight this month all-together. Any loss will be a win at this point.

So, what do I do when I’m not losing weight (even though I want to)? Well, I don’t give up. That’s like the first step, if there were steps for such a thing.

I’ve also noticed that I’ve naturally been trying to focus my energy on whatever good habit I can manage. Lately, I’ve been having some big time trouble keeping my nutrition in check. That’s the main battle of the moment. So, instead of beating myself up about it, I’ve been trying to focus in on something that doesn’t seem as hard but is still a healthy habit. My water intake and my daily activity seem much more manageable right now, so I've been focusing in on those good habits and calling them wins even on the days when I lose the battle with my nutrition.

Side note: I’ve been trying different workouts this week because working out makes me feel better. One of those workouts is the couch to 5K training program. I’ve done this program in the past and I really loved it! I was so proud of myself for trying this program and finishing day 1 tonight. Just check out that smile after my run! I forgot how good it feels to run.

Another thing I’ve been doing lately is giving myself extra love. I’m not beating myself up over not losing weight. Instead, I’m treating myself to self care activities like an epsom salt bath, or a solo walk outside after a long day. I’ve also been allowing myself to sleep in whenever life allows because, let’s be honest, if there’s the opportunity to sleep in during this stage of life (mom of a kindergartner and a 5 month old) I’ve got to take it!

I do believe that if I continue to be gentle with myself and focus on good habits (even if I’m not mastering “all of the good habits”) it’ll all eventually click, and I will reach my goal of losing weight!

Monday, May 10, 2021

My First Mother's Day with My Girls

My first mother's day with both of my girls was a dream come true! God is so good!

We had the best pancakes for breakfast on Mother's Day, courtesy of my husband. Later in the day we went shopping and to the trampoline park to let Piper get her wiggles out. It was a good day!

I am so grateful God chose me to be "mama" to these two precious girls. I am also so grateful for all of the mother's in our lives that have and continue to love and support us!

Two girls. I still can't believe how incredibly blessed we are to be raising daughters, sisters, and maybe some-day mothers. This is such a unique blessing that we cherish dearly.

These photos steal my breath and bring a smile to my face. I am so thankful for my husband who helped capture these moments in time with my two beautiful girls. I want to always remember them this way.

Friday, May 7, 2021

COVID-19 | Fully Vaccinated

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great week! We had a pretty good week over here. 

As of yesterday, my husband and I are officially fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and I am feel really grateful about it. I understand there are a lot of different things to take in consideration when choosing whether or not to get vaccinated, so please don't see this share as me encouraging you one way or another. For me, I did it in hopes that my children won't need to. Here's to hoping!

After getting my shot, I grabbed myself a small iced coffee and went to the beach to take in the sunshine and the sound of the waves. I sat in the sand and did some breathwork. This was my favorite form of self care this week!

Today wraps up the first week of my challenge to lose 10lbs in the month of May. I wasn't as strict with myself as I probably should have been this week but, I did maintain the habit of tracking everything I ate daily. After over a year of not working on losing weight (hello, baby #2) I know this will take time and a lot of grace.

First week's weigh-in results to come on Monday! See you then!

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Spring Morning Routine | Mom of 2 with Remote Kindergarten | 2021

Lately I've been working on refining my morning and evening routines, making sure to fit in some intentional time for self care. Today, I wanted to share the weekday morning routine that I've been finding to be most productive and bucket filling this Spring.

The start time for this morning routine is relative. Basically, my morning routine begins after my infant's first morning feeding, which happens anytime between 4am - 6am. This morning routine is based off her waking up around 5:30am which is typical for most days.

5:30 AM

Wake with Delaney for a feeding. She doesn't usually wake for the day at this time. Most of the time she just needs to eat and then falls right back asleep. There are days when she doesn't though. During those days I'll bring Delaney downstairs with me and set her in the swing to watch my husband get ready for work.

6:00 AM

Whether or not Delaney has fallen back to sleep, I'll go downstairs to make myself a cup of tea or decaf coffee. While my husband is getting ready for work, I'll head outside to a chair under our covered patio with my cup, my phone and my bible study notebooks in hand. Most mornings are still chilly enough that I'll need to bring a blanket with me.

I love to start my day outside whenever I can! This time of year is so beautiful. There is constant chatter and chirping of birds. They are already busy for the day at this time, seeking materials for their nests. The air is crisp and the grass out beyond the patio is wet with dew. The sun is starting to rise just above the trees. It's blissful.

Before I dive into my bible study, I'll take a few sips of my hot cup of tea or coffee. Then, I'll begin some breathwork. I open my devotional time in prayer and dive into the Word for the day. I take notes, pray and reflect. When I'm finished with my drink and bible study, I will go back inside to stretch and foam roll. I also try to throw in a load of laundry to start the day.

7:00 AM

It's hard to put a time on what comes next because with two young children, time is just so relative. There are so many variables in who could wake up when. So, the time of when these things happen is less important than the order. Mainly, when my day starts with that intentional time outside, everything else seems to just fall into place quite nicely.

Generally Delaney wakes up for the day around 7am. I'll spend a little time upstairs with her. If Piper is awake (which is almost always), she is with us. The girls absolutely love each other and these moments in the morning are so sweet to witness! I love "waking up" slowly with them this way.

I'll chat with them while I make the bed and tidy up the rooms. Once that is finished, we all make our way downstairs to start breakfast. Delaney will typically get her bottle within a half hour of waking up. After both the girls are fed, they entertain one another while I grab a quick shower. After that, I will bounce between playing with the girls and prepping schoolwork for the day.

9:00 AM

If she wakes up around 7am, Delaney's first nap will happen around 9am. When Delaney is napping, Piper and I start her Kindergarten lessons for the day. Delaney's first nap is anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour long. When she wakes up, we wrap up school work and it's snack time for everyone.

12:00 PM

Delaney's second nap is generally around lunch time, which is convenient. While Laney is napping, Piper and I will eat lunch together. I will then catch up on some housework while Piper plays and/or watches tv. I'll tidy up the kitchen, swap the dishwasher and the laundry if it hasn't already been done by now.

Of course, our mornings don't always go exactly this way but this is the general flow of things lately with a 4 month old and a kindergartener! I hope this post helps give you ideas for a more intentional morning routine. 

Thanks for spending some time with me today. Hope to see you back here soon as I share more routines and life updates along the way!

Monday, May 3, 2021

Goal of Losing 10lbs in May

Hey, friends! Thanks for stopping by today. Today's post is a big deal for me and it really shouldn't be read before reading the post I shared on Friday. So, if you have a minute, please click on this link to read the prologue to today's post: My First Postpartum Weigh-in for Weight Loss.

If you read the title of today's post, you know that I have a goal of losing 10lbs in May! However, I don't want to create a cookie cutter belief that losing 10 pounds in a month is "healthy" as much as I know my own body and what it's capable of doing at this weight. I personally know that if I stick to my nutrition, water and activity goals, I can lose 10 pounds in a month (again, at this weight). 

It is important to know that I am also creating some wiggle room for this goal in my mind. To be completely honest, my main weight-loss goal for the month is to just lose weight in general, so any loss will be a win in my book!


Here's a little overview of what I'll be working on this month to reach my goal of losing 10lbs.

Action Steps:
* Track nutrition daily
* Drink 80-120 oz of water daily

* Daily check-ins with myself
* Weekly weigh-ins & blog posts

Overall health:
* Take vitamins daily
* Self care daily (walk outside, journal, etc.)

Something I've found helpful in the course of my weight-loss journey is to share my goal with others, and the steps I plan on taking to get there. If you have a goal for yourself in May please feel free to share your goal in a comment below and know that I'll be cheering you on!