Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Delaney Jane: Five Months

Five months with our sweet baby girl. How can this be? My husband and I have often reflected on and talked about these past five months together as a family. Overall, we feel such a sense of peace and gratitude for it all. We've gone as far as wondering if this is a bit of what Heaven will feel like - feeling so complete, and whole, and grateful. God is good to give us a taste of Heaven here on Earth.

Sweet Laney Jane is still just as sweet as ever! She is the most tolerant baby. I wonder if that is just part of the deal of being the youngest child in a family? She is happiest when we're all together.

This past month, Delaney has learned to use her voice a little more. She is playful and joyful! She loves to giggle with her sister and at our dogs. Delaney's new favorite thing to do is bounce in her jumper. She is very interested in watching us eat, and we are very excited to be introducing her to her first foods very soon!

Delaney is still a very good sleeper at night. She goes to sleep between 7pm-8pm and will sleep until about 4am-6am. She wakes for a bottle and will usually go back to sleep for a short bit, waking up for the day around 7am. Here is a glimpse at her current rhythm:

4:00am - wake for feeding
4:30am - sleep

7:00am - wake for the day
7:30am - feeding
9:00am - nap

10:00am - wake from nap
10:30am - feeding
12:00pm - nap

1:00pm - wake from nap
1:30pm - feeding
3:00pm - nap

4:00pm - wake from nap
4:30pm - feeding
5:00pm - nap (sometimes she skips this nap and gets an earlier bedtime)

6:00pm - wake from nap
6:30pm - bath time
7:00/7:30pm - final feeding
8:00pm - asleep for the night

We love our life with Delaney and Piper! Here are some photos from this past month together.

Praising God for FIVE months with this sweet girl.

She'll be 6 months before we know it! Especially since this post is 3 weeks late! 😆

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