Friday, May 28, 2021

Tball Season for Piper

It's tball season and we are feeling very excited and blessed about it! Due to COVID taking away sports last year, this will be our only season of tball with Piper. It's so cute to watch the little kids learn how to play!

I could tell right away that tball is more enjoyable for Piper than soccer was when she played a couple years ago. I am glad she tried soccer, and she might want to try it again in the future, but she definitely enjoys tball more already!

Our calendar just got really full with games and practices but, our entire family is happy to be back in community in this way! Thankfully, Piper didn't lose any of her extroverted-ness this past year at home. She made friends with her teammates straight away! I also got to talk with a few of the parents during practice. It feels really nice to have the opportunity to connect with people again, after such a long year of distancing.

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