Sunday, June 27, 2021

Delaney Jane: Six Months

Delaney is 6 months old and she sure is acting like it! This is such a fun age. She is rolling all over this house, starting to eat solids, and is learning new things almost every day!

Laney started sitting up on her own this past month and eating real food. Her first food was carrots, followed by avocadoes, sweet potatoes and green beans. We're coming to find she prefers avocadoes and green beans over the rest but she doesn't mind sweet potatoes every now and then. She is definitely not a foodie on the same level as her sister was at this stage but, I'm sure she'll find her love for food as we explore more foods this next month!

Delaney had a big move this past month from sleeping in our room to sleeping in her own nursery! She dropped her swaddle and traded it in for her bunny lovies that we call "lambies" because Piper had "lambies" and we can't seem to shake the nickname.

Despite all of the blowing raspberries, sucking on fingers and drooling, Delaney doesn't have any teeth, yet! She hasn't officially said her first word yet but sometimes she will repeat the sounds and looks we make.

first food: carrots

second food: avocadoes

third food: sweet potatoes

Here are some more pictures from Delaney's 6th month with us!

This first half of her first year was so filled with gratitude and love! We strive to savor all of these moments with Delaney and Piper exactly as they are in their respective stages. It's so sweet to have a 6 month old and a 6 year old. We feel so incredibly blessed every day! I still can't believe this blessing we have in our girls!

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