Saturday, July 3, 2021

End of Staycation + Change is Coming

Our family staycation week is coming to an end and it's been incredible! We have enjoyed taking life at a slower pace and making new memories around home! My soul, heart and mind is feeling refreshed.

On Monday, Piper starts her 6 week summer program and I'd be lying if I didn't say I am feeling a certain kind of way about it. I don't know exactly how to explain the feeling. I guess it would be similar to the feeling of sending her off to Kindergarten for the first time - you know, since we didn't actually "send her off" to Kindergarten during the pandemic. 

It was such an incredible privilege to facilitate remote Kindergarten for Piper at home this past year. Piper did amazing at home, however, she didn't get any real classroom experience. That is mainly the reason we decided to sign her up for the summer program being offered at her school this year. We want her to get some classroom experience before jumping into first grade! 

So, on Monday I might be a little bit of a wreck. I know it's just a summer program but, Piper and I have been together nearly all day every day since the pandemic began. This is going to be a big change for us all! I am certain it will be for the best, though. Piper is such a social girl and being with her classmates will make her so incredibly happy! Getting some one-on-one time with Delaney throughout the days will be a really great benefit for me, as well.

With this new routine will come a new rhythm for our family. It may take a week or two for us to settle in but, I am excited to share more about it all as we go through it!

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