Wednesday, August 4, 2021

A Rough Week for Us

Well, that video recap I mentioned on Monday may be getting pushed out another week because since then I’ve been taking care of a sick big kid and trying to keep everything clean/distanced so the baby doesn’t get sick. Pray for us!

With Piper being sick with all the tummy troubles, our whole family was thrown into survival mode. We aren’t getting any sleep, and I’ve been trying to fight a constant worry about the possibility of Delaney catching it. It’s been a challenge keeping Piper hydrated and so I’m even more afraid of what will happen if little Delaney catches this bug. 

I’m familiar with what happens when a baby get dehydrated. I am still traumatized from our hospital stay from when Piper was a year old and they had to try way too many times to get her IV in her tiny veins. Just the thought of those memories makes me whole body tense up, which is probably why I’ve also been struggling with some intense neck pain for the past few days. 

This week has been rough and I can’t wait to be past this. We know where Piper caught it from and if the same timeline plays out for her, we should be good in another day or so. Just in time to hopefully enjoy the weekend (and catch up on some much needed sleep)!


  1. I'm sorry to hear that Piper was sick. I hope she's feeling better. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Thank you, Katherine! We were able to enjoy our weekend. Piper started feeling better and the baby didn't catch it! :) Bless!