Monday, August 2, 2021

Hello August! *NEW* Goals + "Will Mom Fit?"

Happy Monday, everyone! Thanks for taking the time to check-in with me today. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and I hope you have an even better week ahead!

This past weekend, I worked a little bit at our family's local diner. I started helping out there a few weeks ago when they first opened and I really fell in love with it! I have been going back each week, helping where I can. Sometimes I help out with the POS programming in the office, and other times I help the servers up front! Since I stay at home with the girls, getting out a couple times a week to help at the diner has been filling my "adult time" bucket. I love it! God gave me a big heart for helping and serving people. This has been an amazing opportunity to not only help out our family but also help serve our little community! God is good to use us in ways unexpected.

During the weekend, my family also made some time to get out and enjoy the summer weather! This is a big goal of mine for the month of August. I'd like to try to make sure I spend at least an hour outside each day this month, but ideally I'd like to aim for about 3 hours each day when it's possible. We met that goal for the first day of August yesterday by going to Waldameer, our local amusement park!

As you look on to the next photo, you might be wondering why I am choosing to share what looks like my shoes and a dirty floor-board. The reason is because while I was at Waldameer yesterday, I found myself celebrating a non-scale victory! 

At the beginning of summer, the lap bar for one of the rides would not fit over my belly enough to land on my lap. Yesterday, however, I was very surprised and excited to find the lap bar swing straight down onto my lap! This means I've lost some inches along with my weight last month! I noticed this on other rides that use to fit snug around my waist, as well!

Once and for all I want to banish the question: "will I fit on that ride?" I don't want my daughter to have to prepare herself to ride alone while we wait in line, wondering if mom is going to fit in the seat. This is just another reason why I want to keep going on my journey of losing weight!

Along with my goal of spending more time outside this month, I also have a goal to lose more weight! In July, I lost 7 pounds! This month, I'd like to keep losing as much weight as I can while also enjoying the occasional treats of the season (i.e. ice cream, drive-in burgers and milkshakes, etc.)

As always, I will be aiming to drink about 120 oz. of water each day and take my vitamins daily. I'd also like to incorporate more stretching into my weeks, which might also be done during my outside time. Anytime I am down on the floor with my 7 month old, I try to remember to stretch, too.

I am planning on making a new video for my YouTube channel with an even more detailed update. You can keep an eye out for that, sometime soon! Make it a great week, everyone!

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