Monday, August 16, 2021

Hello Monday, Goodbye 10 Pounds

Hello, Monday! Goodbye, 10 pounds!

I have officially lost 10 pounds since July 5th! I lost one pound last week and I’m pretty impressed with that because I had quite a few moments where I indulged myself. There was fudge at an amusement park, a dinner out to celebrate Piper’s last day at her summer program, a peanut butter pie after my shift at the diner, and a wedding with a couple cupcakes and a few beers.

Speaking of the wedding, here are a few more photos from that special day where we got to celebrate my cousin, Nathan, and his new wife, Molly!

We had an amazing time with our family this weekend!

With all of those previously mentioned indulgences considered, I still lost a pound last week! Spreading out the indulgences and sticking to a healthy balance has really helped me to enjoy this weight-loss journey and continue to be successful despite the occasional (or in reality more frequent) treat.

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