Friday, August 27, 2021

ISO: Ordinary Moments

This is our last week of summer break, and we've been taking full advantage of our time together! When I began to think about how I wanted to spend this last week of summer break with the kids, I started thinking of all the places we could go and all of the things we could do. Of all the things I thought of, it still didn't feel like enough. I tried to think of things we'd miss doing together while Piper was at school. We'll miss going to the zoo, and the amusement park, sure. We'll miss going out for ice cream and swimming at the beach, definitely.

When I first started to plan out our last week of summer break, I was trying to avoid anything ordinary, until I realized those are some of the biggest moments we're likely going to miss. I'm going to miss sneaking back under the covers in my bed with Piper after getting Laney down for her mid-morning nap. I'm going to miss the silly tickle fights and the mounds and mounds of paper crafts on our dining room table. I'm going to miss the chance to sit next to Piper on the couch as she shows me something new on her tablet game. I'm going to miss holding hands with her as we walk down the driveway to collect the mail together.

So, while we might get out for one more zoo day or beach trip this weekend, it's not the extraordinary adventures I'm after for us at the end of Piper's summer break. It's the ordinary moments for us.

With that said, here are a few pictures from the other night when we did get out for ice cream and a park playdate by the lake.

These are the days!

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