Friday, November 12, 2021

It Has to Come Back, Right?

Hello, and happy Friday! I have had “write a blog post” on my to-do list all week. We still aren’t in our usual rhythm at home and that’s almost always apparent when my posting is infrequent. I’ve been feeling a lot lately like there is just never enough hours in the day. I believe the time change has a bit to do with it. The sun goes down around 5pm now and with it goes any steam I had left from the day. I also still feel worn down and sluggish from having COVID last month. My energy never came back 100% and I’m starting to wonder when or if it will!

One thing that has been lifting my spirit and bringing me joy lately has been hosting and meeting up with friends almost daily these past couple weeks. Today is the first day in over a week where I actually don’t have plans with anyone. This would be a good time for me to catch up on laundry and work on making a plan to fill the fridge and pantry for next week. So, that’s my plan on this beautiful and chilly Fall day!

I’m hoping as I get more energy (it has to come back soon, right?) you will be hearing more from me. Until then, be well!

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