Monday, November 15, 2021

Our BIG Fall Family Update

Happy Monday! Thanks for visiting my blog today! I am sharing a big Fall family update in effort to catch up and get the blog back into real-time. Ever since recovering from COVID last month, we’ve been busy fitting in all the Fall experiences we could before the season passes.

We got family pictures done on our front porch, which really warmed my heart. These are the first photos we’ve gotten done with us as a family of 4 and my mama heart is bursting with joy over them.

This year was our first Halloween with Delaney and we had such a great time. Our highlight was visiting Zoo Boo as the “Bluey” family! (If you have little ones, Bluey is such a cute show for them to watch.)

We were so impressed with Piper’s new ability to carve her own pumpkin this year. This was a game changer!

Speaking of being impressed, Piper got “Student of the Week” in her first grade class. She happily wore her crown every day that week.

We’ve been doing a lot of work (and play) outside this past month. We were been blessed with a beautiful Fall season. We got our raised beds in place and prepped for Spring crops. I even planted a Fall crop of garlic this past week that will overwinter in our new beds. Our entire family has enjoyed the extra time outside as we work on getting everything ready before snow falls (which actually happened this weekend)!

We made it just in time to the pumpkin patch before they closed for the season! We’ve been going to this same pumpkin patch ever since Piper was a baby and so it was real special to be there all together with Laney as a baby this year.

Finally, one of my favorite outings of November was when my husband and I got out for a mid-morning coffee date, just the two of us, down by the lake last weekend. It was so peaceful and beautiful.

So, while I’ve been quiet on the blog lately, I hope this update makes up for some of that. I plan to be more frequent with my updates from here on out! Lots happening around here as I plan Laney’s first birthday and all the holiday fun coming our way!

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