Friday, December 10, 2021

Intentional Reorganization

It’s mid-December and I wanted to check in about a few things. I don’t know about you, but for us the later half of this year has felt like it has gone by in super speed. Delaney is 1 now (update on that coming soon) and I feel a little dizzy about where all of our time went these past few months.

As I reflect, I’m realizing things have felt extra busy ever since school started back in September. We were just starting to get into a new family routine and then COVID hit our home in October, the seasons changed, the holidays hit and then we had a first birthday to plan. 

Now Laney’s first birthday party has come and gone, but we’re still in the middle of holiday season, and I have Piper’s birthday that needs planned next. We are quite possibly at the peak of our household’s general feeling of “busy” and I’m feeling like enough is enough. 

I feel a great need to figure out a way to get my daily chores and motherly duties done (and done well), plus all of the extra things of the season done, plus figure out a way to keep my health and wellness a priority. Does this sound familiar to you? Maybe you’re feeling this way, too?

In general, I have been feeling very unbalanced and reactive these past few months. Reactive in that if something new pops up, I drop everything and attend to that new thing instead of giving it the proper place on my to-do list. As a result, I feel like I haven’t been doing much with great intention, which is important to me. I feel like my head is just barely above the water most days. I also feel like there is no good reason I should be feeling this way. I don’t know what the true answer to fixing this feeling is but, I think there is some hope to be found in reprioritizing our schedule and routine. So, that’s what I am going to be working on this week.

My biggest priorities for myself are going to be making sure I get my devotional and time with God in each day, and; taking good care of myself by drinking enough water, eating good food and moving my body more. 

When things feel really busy and out of control, one of the first things we tend to cut out of the schedule is self care and I’ve learned that is absolutely not the answer. Which is why I went and got my hair done this week, amidst the craziness of our schedule.

I am also going to be working on developing a new daily routine for our family. I know it will all be changing for a bit during holiday break, but that’s no reason not to start a new routine now. We need more solid routines for “before school”, “daytime at home”, and “after school/nighttime”. We have so many things that need to happen during each of those times. I think creating a better routine will make it all go more smoothly and will help us take back some time that might feel lost these days.

For instance, I feel as if I’m never caught up enough on things that need done during the day to be able to fit in time to write a new blog post and maybe that’s because this is the season where I need to write my blog posts at night. Sometimes we get stuck in old rhythms and routine that aren’t serving our present reality. Instead of giving up on certain things completely, maybe some intentional reorganization might be all that’s needed to get things functioning well again. That’s what I’ll be working on developing more this week!

With all that said, if you feel a little unbalanced this time of year, I think it’s a sign of the change in season, and I’m not just talking about the weather/holidays. For us, our season change has also come with a newly 1 year old that is very busy discovering new things and transitioning to only 1 nap/day. Some intentional reorganization of routines and schedules may help with any type of change in season. I’m hoping it’ll help us, soon.

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