Thursday, June 9, 2022

School’s Out for Summer | 2022

Today is the first day of summer break! Hip hip hooray!

Piper has finished first grade! Laney and I are both so happy to have her home with us during the days, again! Yesterday, Laney greeted Piper with flowers when she got home from her last day of school. It was the cutest thing!

The remainder of this week will be spent settling in and creating new routines/rhythms at home. One of our most fun and favorite summer routines is to go to our local amusement park every Friday night! Tomorrow will be our first visit of the season!

Today was more relaxed. It rained during the morning and so we played inside. When Laney went down for her nap, the sun started peaking out and so Piper and I went outside. 

When we got outside, we saw the lettuce I had planted last month was ready to be harvested and so I taught Piper how to cut and clean lettuce for the first time. 

When I planted these seeds, I didn’t realize all the lessons I was planting with them. There is so much joy to be found in the garden, and we have plenty of garden to explore this year.

We are really excited about all of the growth this summer will bring!

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