Thursday, September 22, 2022

Welcoming Fall 2022

It’s the first day of Fall and I am happily welcoming this transition of seasons. It’s funny, because just a few weeks ago I was dreading it quite a bit. I wasn’t ready to let go of summer just yet, and nobody was asking me to at that time. Now that Fall is here, it feels like it’s come in perfect timing.

Summer brings a certain kind of beauty and peace that I will miss; especially in the form of late nights in the garden. I will also miss the early mornings, drinking tea in the garden with my oldest daughter.

As lovely as Summer in the garden was, the season itself was also incredibly busy. We had to really work to find our moments of peace.

This Fall, however, I expect to find peace in different ways. The garden is still there, it’s just a much more bare. The nights come earlier and the weather will become more harsh. I’ll seek my peace indoors with a hot cup of tea and knitting with a blanket on my lap. After a season of what seemed like being out and everywhere, I am looking forward to spending some more time at home with my favorite people.

I am looking forward to slowing down in ways - which will be an intentional focus of mine this season. Slowing down and reprioritizing.

What are you hoping this change of season will bring you?

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