Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer Weight Loss + Spotify

It's the last week of July {already} and I'm starting to think ahead to August. I didn't really do anything in terms of trying to lose weight in July, and I'm okay with that fact. Piper and I had a lot of fun this month and we stayed fairly active despite not having any challenges to do so. You can either find us going on a walk, on a family bike ride or swimming in Grammie's pool on these hot summer days!

While I didn't lose any weight in July, I didn't gain any weight, either. That's a total win for me seeing how last year at this time, I was working on a 15 - 20 pound gain during the summer. This summer, I'm working on maintain and hopefully in August I'll even see a loss on the scale! I'm planning on doing some sort of weight-loss challenge in August, and I'm going to take the rest of this week to think about what kind of a challenge it will be. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Random change of thought here: who all is using Spotify to listen to music these days? I don't know what kind of a rock I've been under all these years, but I just recently joined Spotify after years of using Pandora and I can't tell you how much more I love Spotify! 

The thing I love most about Spotify is that I am able to pick exactly what kind of songs I want to hear by putting them into their own playlists. I have a playlist for "Summer", a play list of all the songs Nick and I use to listen to while we were in "High School" and I have a play list for when I want to have a "Dance Party". I'm working on building up all of my playlists but if you want to check mine out as they are now, you can listen to the songs I'm currently listening to by clicking this link:

Readers, do you have any weight-loss challenge plans for August? If so, please share in a comment, below!