Friday, September 20, 2019

Last Weekend's Recap with My Sister's Family

This post will wrap up the remainder of the time we spent with my sister's family last weekend, while she was in town!

On Saturday morning, my sister's family came out to watch Piper's soccer game. Since they're stationed in Japan, and they were only home for a week, it was so special to have them at Piper's game with us!

On Saturday night, we said goodbye to the kids (who stayed with Gigi) while we all went out to Round One for a fun night at the arcade!

On Sunday morning, we all went to church, which is where things got a little emotional for me. It was the first routine thing that we did since Beckah had been home, and the reality of them leaving soon-after kicked in.

On Sunday afternoon, we all gathered at my mom's house for everyone in the family to come visit with my sister's family before they had to leave. During the open-house, my sister had her friend come take pictures of our family. I look forward to sharing some of those pictures when we get those back, soon!

I am so grateful for the time we all had together last week, and I sure am going to miss them so much!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Brant's Apple Orchard with My Sister's Family

Last week, amidst all of the fair fun, we took a trip to Brant's Apple Orchard with my sister's family! Declan rode with us, which made us all so happy! When your sister's family is stationed in Japan, it's truly the little things, like this, that mean so much!

While they were visiting with us last week, Beckah's husband, Jarrod, introduced us to Brant's Apple Orchard. This was our first time visiting and it certainly won't be our last!

It was a chilly Fall-like day when we visited and so a majority of us got their broccoli cheddar soup for lunch. It was amazing!

I know the next time we visit Brant's Apple Orchard will be bitter-sweet for us, since Beckah's family will be back in Japan.

It was so special to visit this place with them for our first time, and we will cherish the memories!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Summer Beach Night

Since this is the last official week of summer before the Fall season hits, I wanted to share some pictures from a summer beach night we had as a family a few weeks ago.

We visited the beach a lot this summer! It was so healing for my heart, too. I love being by the water and, I love being with my family.

Living so close to the lake is certainly a blessing we try not to take for granted. These are the nights I will soon miss once the weather turns colder. However, I always seem to find joy in every season we're in!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Fair Week + My Sister's Family is Home!

Fair week was extra special this year because, my sister's family came home to visit! Today is their last day here with us and so you better believe I am going to soak up some extra snuggles with my baby nephews before they go!

Last Tuesday was when all the fun began! We were all reunited after nearly two years of being apart. I got to meet my baby nephew, Finn, for the first time. Last Tuesday was the best day!

After hanging out at our nana's house, Nick and I took my 2-year old nephew, Declan, and Piper down to the fair! This was the first time that I have really felt like an aunt! It was so great to just load Declan up in our truck and take him down to the fair with us!

Last week, we visited the fair 4 times! During the week, Piper took a field trip with her class down to the fair, as well, where she got to milk a goat!

Now, I can't let fair week go by without talking about the food. This year, we found a new fair-favorite! Monster cheese sticks! These monster cheese sticks are a pound of fried mozzeralla cheese!

I had two of these cheese sticks for dinner and that was more than enough! No regrets on fair food this year. We indulged quite a bit while the fair was here and now we're more than ready to get back on track this week!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

First Day of Preschool (Year 2)

Piper's first day of Pre-K, round two!

This is Piper's second and final year of preschool! She was so excited to start school this year, especially because she had a friend joining her!

Piper's first couple weeks of school have gone really well. Her teachers have reported back that Piper is their big helper this year! She loves to take care of her friends.

I was able to see Piper being a big helper in her class on the first day of school, when she gently led her friend (who was new to the class) inside, giving her a pep-talk and then introducing her to her classmates. "We have a new friend today, and her name is Chloe." Piper said to her classmates as they entered the room.

I couldn't have been more proud of her. God bless Piper, her teachers and her classmates this school year!

Monday, September 9, 2019

Camp Weekend 2019

The weekend after our most recent loss, we were invited to join my parents at camp. It was in such great timing to be relaxing at a camp, away from home. Camp weekend was good for my soul.

Camp weekend provided a lot of time for me to sit back and appreciate all that God has given us. We are so blessed with our family and the opportunities we have to spend time together. Below are a few pictures I took while we were away at camp.

I'm so glad that we had the opportunity to go to camp with our family! It was a great way to end the last weekend of summer vacation!

I have a lot of blogs to catch up on. I hope to share a bit about Piper's first day of school, and much more, soon. Thank you all for being patient as I slowly regain the motivation to write, again. Some days are definitely harder than others during this grieving process but, throughout it all, God is good.