Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Monday Adventure + Getting Back to Starting Weight

Happy Wednesday! Thanks for stopping by, today.

The weather this week has been a little unusual. It was nearly 90 degrees on Sunday and today it is in the 50's. I didn't mind too much, though. After I dropped Piper off at preschool, I took our dogs for a walk at the park. They really enjoyed it! When I pick Piper up from preschool, I'll be dropping the dogs off at the groomers for the first time. I'm excited to see how it goes!

On Monday, Piper and I went to the YMCA as planned and then, headed over to the zoo afterward. 

It was a fun day for both of us! Did I mention how much I love having Mondays back for our little adventures? It's been so great!

This morning I weighed in to check on my progress so far this week and I'm happy to see that I'm down a little bit more on the scale (231.9 lbs). I will be happy to end the month right where I started (at 229.5 lbs). I still have 2 more pounds to lose to get there, though. 

After gaining a fast 8 lbs earlier this month (hello, PCOS hormones and bad choices), ending the month with a maintained weight will be great! With having consistent losses on the scale from January - April, this month has been the hardest month of the year so far. I just have to stay consistent! I know that I can do it!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Vlog: Easter Weekend

Happy Tuesday!

Today I'm just stopping in briefly to share a little vlog from Easter weekend. Yes, that was a month ago. I am still catching up on editing my vlogs!


Thanks for watching!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Play Ball + Getting Back on Track

Happy Monday, everyone!

What a great weekend we had! Today is shaping up to be a wonderful day, as well. I woke up it being warm outside, a nice leftover treat from the weekend. It was 88 degrees yesterday, which was almost too warm but, you won't hear me say that. I really enjoyed the summer-like weather!

This morning, when Piper woke up she wanted to hit the ball around outside before school and we managed to get ready early enough to make that happen! Yesterday, after church and the fishing derby, we spent the evening outside at our house, teaching Piper how to hit a ball with her new plastic bat. She had so much fun! She picked up the stance (and the look) so fast, it's like she's a natural! She can hit that ball pretty far for a 4-year old, as well!

This morning, while Piper was at preschool, I got some cleaning done. I am about to leave to pick her up from school soon and then we will be off to the YMCA because I am getting back into the gym! It's been way too long since the gym has been in my routine and, after a few weeks of being inconsistent I'm bringing it back!

I plan to get to the gym at least one more time this week and, if I make it two more times I'd be really happy! It's all up to me! I need to schedule it in, make myself a priority and make it happen!

As for tonight, I am planning on making steak stir fry for dinner. We also have a lot of healthy snacks stocked up for the week ahead, which I am excited to dig into. Baby carrots, hummus, blueberries, dates, bell peppers, cucumbers, salad fixings, clementines, apples and more! It really helps to get back on track with healthy eating when you're stocked up and we're ready!

Have a great day, everyone!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Visiting Easterland at Kranyaks + Olympic Fun Center

A few weeks ago, we visited Easterland at Kranyak's for the first time and our minds were blown. 

It was so big, we could have spent all day looking at all of the different things there! While we visited, Piper met the Easter Bunny for the first time (officially). 

Nina and Papa joined us!

Nina and Papa treated her to popcorn and toys, of course! :)

After we were done at Kranyak's we tried out a new play place called Olympic Fun Center! 

It was only $3.00 and Piper had a blast! Check out the video for more of a glimpse into our trip:

It was an awesome day!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Mini Vacation Recap - CLE

Happy Wednesday, readers!

Spring seems to be off to a slow start this year. It's been so chilly and rainy lately. Just yesterday when I was driving Piper to school she looked out the window and said "is the sun ever going to come out again?" Today is a day off from work for me and I'm really excited because it looks like the weather is finally clearing up, here.

Right now I am writing this post from outside, under my covered porch. The sun is shining and it's slowly warming up. It looks like it's going to be a great day!

If you were here on Monday then you know that my family and I took a mini vacation in Cleveland this past weekend. We ate out at the Cheesecake Factory and, Piper was very impressed. She thought we were eating in a castle! It was so sweet. We stayed overnight and spent Saturday at the Great Lakes Science Center. It was so much fun for all of us! I decided to record most of the trip for an upcoming vlog and so, I don't have many pictures to share - here are a few though!

While at the Science Center, we watched a movie in the big Dome theater and toured the William G. Mather ship! I have a few vlogs to catch up on but, hopefully I'll have a video edited that you can watch from our trip, soon!

Monday, May 13, 2019

Gaining Weight Fast

Happy Monday, everyone!

You know when I shared this post last Monday: So Much Partying = Weight Gain and, how I was going to get back on track? Well things went a little downhill in the "getting back on track" department. I was kind of getting back on track in the beginning of last week but then, our family went on a mini vacation that pretty much started last Thursday evening and continued on throughout the weekend.

So, I'm just going to cut to the chase and share the recap of my weigh-in's from the past few weeks:

4/29/19: 229.5 lbs.
5/6/19: 235.4 lbs (+6)
5/13/19: 237 lbs. (+1.5)

It's never fun to report weight-gain, especially weight gain at that kind of rate. It's SO easy for me to gain weight with my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). If I am not actively trying to lost weight, I gain it. Fast!

It's okay, though. I am sharing the gain so I can get a little more accountability to actually get back on track again. With no mini-vacation waiting for me at the end of this week, I think I will be seeing a loss on the scale!

My next steps:
  1. Focus on TODAY
  2. Drink 120 oz. of water
  3. Make a meal plan for the week
  4. Make a grocery list
  5. Go grocery shopping
  6. Track and stay within calories
If you're trying to get back on track today, you're not alone! We can do this, one step at a time!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Playground Season is Here

Happy Wednesday!

I am so loving my new work schedule of Tuesday and Thursday! On Monday, after preschool pick-up, Piper and I took a packed lunch to a park by the lake. It was such a nice day and she had a lot of fun exploring this new park!

I can't believe there are only 4 more weeks of preschool left before Piper wraps up her first school year! I am so excited for all of the summer fun we'll be having together!

Today, after preschool pick-up, we'll be going to visit my friend Mindy and her son, Leo. If it warms up enough, we'll be going to another playground with them today! Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

Monday, May 6, 2019

So Much Partying = Weight Gain

Happy Monday, friends! Thanks for stopping by today.

This past weekend was a lot of fun. It included a lot of partying with friends! On Saturday, I went to a friend's baby shower and on Sunday, we went to a birthday party for my friend's son.

The birthday party was the highlight of the weekend, being at an indoor trampoline park. We all had fun jumping around! And don't even get me started on that foam pit. It was so fun to jump into but, a real struggle to get out. However, that didn't keep us from jumping in about a dozen more times! We loved the trampoline park!

Despite burning a ton of calories this weekend, I am still up on the scale from making some not great choices recently. It definitely has something to do with the fact that we ate out a lot last week and even more so at the parties this weekend. 

In the past week we've had, pizza (x3), pepperoni balls, chinese food, fast food, desserts (x6) and, a couple beers along the way. Definitely enough splurging to cause a 5 lb. gain on the scale in one weeks time but, nothing that I'm too worried about. We had our fun and now it's time to get back to business with drinking enough water daily and sticking within my nutritional ranges.

Getting back on track isn't always easy but, I'm just going to take it one day at a time - one choice at a time! Let's make it a great week!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

What Happened on Wednesday

Hello and Happy Thursday!

Yesterday was such a great day, with temperatures reaching up to 83 degrees! It all started out with me getting Piper off to preschool and, going on a solo walk at the park by 9 a.m. I spent the hour walking around (a total of 4,000+ steps), praying, reflecting and then listening to a podcast. I even took a break to do some stretching on a pad of pavement. It was such a nice morning to go for a walk! 

Before picking up Piper from preschool, I packed her a lunch. We headed straight over to a local playground, where we played freeze tag and pretended she was a princess in a castle (the playset was the castle). I really love her little imagination and our times together at the park. We were about to leave when a friend from preschool showed up and so we stayed for a little bit longer before heading home.

When we got home, Piper continued to play outside while I did dishes. Watching her from the window at the sink works out so great! I did some laundry and hung the sheets from the washer on the clothesline. When Nick got home, we each had an iced coffee with whipped topping while sitting under the covered patio outside. Then, he grilled us some cheeseburgers and pineapple for dinner. It was such a good day!

It started raining right before we had to leave for Life Group (small group with some friends from church). We spent the night in community, talking about God and life. It was a really great end to a great day.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May Goals 2019

Happy 1st day of May!

In case you missed it last week, I lost 3 lbs in April which was my 4th consecutive month losing weight this year! I am down around 15 pounds right now since January and, I am so proud of myself for making my health a priority despite all of the ups and downs life brings! Losing weight while living life is my motto and I'm doing it!

As I remind myself every month, consistency is not never messing up; it's never giving up! I have "messed up" and gone off-track so many times in these past few months but, I haven't given up on myself. I just pick myself right back up the next day (or the next few days later) and work toward drinking enough water, getting to the gym and sticking within my nutritional ranges!

For the month of May, I would like to lose enough weight to reach 225 lbs on the scale! I finished out the month of April down around 229 lbs. and I would love to see the number 225! It would be the first time I have seen that number on the scale in over a decade! It's happening, soon!!

Beyond the scale, my goals for May are the same goals as usual. I want to aim to drink 120 oz. of water each day, take my vitamins daily, get to the gym 2-3 times per week and stick within my nutritional goal at least 6/7 days per week!

Losing weight while living life is possible! Let's do it!

Monday, April 29, 2019

New Work Schedule + Mentor

Hello and, happy Monday!

Today is the first day on my new schedule of working just Tuesday and Thursday's each week! I use to also work for a couple hours in the morning on Monday's but, I think this shift of hours will be better for a few different reasons. First of all, summer childcare will be easier! I am so happy that we found in-home childcare for Piper this summer. I am happy that between my schedule and my husband's we will only need childcare for 7 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This shift of hours will also be good for my mind. It was proving to be a little difficult for me to just work for a couple hours on Monday mornings and then shut it off for the rest of the day. I often would plug back in during Piper's nap or just have work on my mind most of the day, in general. I hope that by having more solid blocks of time for work that I will be able to shut it down easier when I'm not working.

Now that I have Monday morning's back and Piper is still in preschool through the beginning of June, I hope to use this time to write more blogs. I will also be using some Monday mornings to meet with a mentor friend. This morning will be my first time meeting with her in this capacity and, I'm excited to draw some wisdom from her! Having raised eight (8) children, she has plenty of wisdom to share! I am blessed to be getting some time with her, today.

As for blogging, I am so looking forward to getting back into the groove of it all. I think having Monday mornings freed up will help!

Friday, April 26, 2019

April 2019 Weight-Loss Results

Hey everyone! Happy Friday!

Today is the last weigh-in day of the month for me! Despite some pretty big obstacles (dealing with Nick's dad's health issues, taking him in to our home, getting him back to the hospital, advocating for him at the hospital so he could get approved for rehab, etc.), I am excited to share that I ended the month with a loss on the scale. A 3-lb loss to be exact!

4/1/19: 232.5 lbs.
4/8/19: 231.9 lbs.
4/15/19: 230.4 lbs.
4/22/19: 230.1 lbs.
4/26/19: 229.5 lbs.

In total, I have lost about 15 pounds since January! 2019 is my year!

On top of being excited about the number on the scale, I am just feeling great overall! My clothes are fitting so much better, and even loose in some cases. I have been getting a lot of compliments from people who have noticed my progress, which has been very motivating and helpful along the way! At times it is hard for me to be able to actually see the difference of losing 15 pounds but, to know that others can see it definitely helps motivate me to continue on!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Low Energy | Gym Consistency

I have been really low on energy lately and I think it has something to do with the fact that I haven't been to the gym yet this week! It could also have something to do with my cycle. Which is another reason why I just haven't felt motivated to go to the gym in the past few days. 

Even though I don't feel like going to the gym AT ALL tonight, I think I am going to use my husband as my accountability partner and we are going to go get it done this evening!

This week in particular, I am being reminded that consistency means still showing up and working through the times when you don't feel like it. I definitely don't feel like it this week. I have cramps, I am super low on energy and yet, I still have goals that I want to reach. I definitely have been more lax on what I've been eating this week (last night my husband and I shared a quart of ice cream...), but I still need to give as much as I can toward this week. I am 1 pound up from last Friday's weigh-in and so I have two days to work it off so I don't end this week with a gain.

On a positive note, I am noticing just from having a few days off from the gym, how consistent I have been in the past two months with my gym sessions. I am so proud of myself for making it to the gym anywhere from 2-3 times per week for the past couple months. It has become so much of a routine now that I am really starting to notice a change in my body and attitude when I don't work out.  My body misses it and it's only been a few days! 

Working out has been my main way to relieve stress lately and I am looking forward to getting back in the gym tonight, even though my body would much rather lay on the couch all night (like last night), I know the gym will make me feel better physically and mentally!

Monday, April 8, 2019

Monday Ramble + Weekend VLOG

Happy Monday!

We had a really amazing weekend with temperatures reaching up to 70 degrees yesterday! We went on a nice long trail hike together as a family and then did some much-needed yard work. The tree in our front yard waited until after it started snowing this winter to let go of it's leaves and so we had a mass-amount of leaves to clean up this weekend. I didn't mind, though. I was just happy to finally be outside!

I didn't do any tracking of calories this weekend, which means that I am a little up on the scale to start the week. I'm not too worried about it, though. This happened last weekend, too, and I ended up losing a pound by the end of the week. I am hoping to do the same this week and end out the week at 230 lbs! Lots of water will be drank today and, I will be staying within calories all week to make that happen!

I don't have much else to report today and so I will share my most recent vlog from mid-March.

Have a great week, everyone!

Friday, April 5, 2019

New Month | Weight-Loss Update

Hey everyone! I hope that the beginning of April is treating you well. So far, so good over here!

Last month was a successful month on the scale. I lost 3 pounds in March, bringing me to a total of 11 pounds lost in 2019, so far!

weight loss in 2019

Today wraps up the first week in April and I have lost 1 pound this week! This was even after caving in and getting an order of onion rings from Dairy Queen last night on the way home from visiting my father-in-law at the hospital with my family. Stress eating is a never-ending battle for me but, I am aware of it and working on it!

The gym has been helping me cope with all of life's little stressors lately. I have been working out about 2-3 times per week at the YMCA and I have been working hard enough to get that sweet endorphin high at the end of my workouts. Nothing really beats that feeling!

As for my goals for April, I would love to end the month in the 220's. I am so close, weighing in at 231 lbs. today! As I mentioned before (in the blog: Coming Soon: Breakthrough), the lowest weight I've reached in my weight-loss journey was 227ish pounds and, I am looking to break that low very soon! 

Consistency will get me there!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Non-Scale Victories in March

Happy Thursday, everyone! The final days of March are upon us!

I set a goal of losing 10 pounds this month and tomorrow is my final weigh-in day. I have been keeping track of the progress (or lack thereof) on the scale and it's not very surprising to me that I will not be reaching my 10 pound weight-loss goal tomorrow. I knew it was a very lofty goal to set, however, I strongly believe in the quote by Les Brown: "shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll still land among the stars".

This month was met with a lot of frustration over the scale. I experienced a plateau for a good portion of the month, despite working out multiple times a week and staying within my calories a majority of the time. Weight-loss plateau's are hard and so, I began focusing on non-scale victories instead. I had three NSV's that really stand out to me this month.


Non-Scale Victories for March:
1. My husband said that my face was starting to thin out a bit!
2. I am now able to fit into a machine at the gym that I wasn't able to fit into before without brushing against the sides with each rep!
3. My dear friend asked if I have been losing weight because she could tell a difference!

Whatever the scale says tomorrow, I know that I am putting in the work. Sometimes the scale is a liar, and I feel better despite the number on the scale.

Bring on weigh-in day!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Vlog: Weight Loss Fail | Pep Talk | Work | Family Time

Hey everyone, and Happy Wednesday!

I am popping in quickly to share my most recent vlog with you. This one is definitely worth a watch as I share about a weight-loss fail (binge) and a little pep talk. It also shows a glimpse into a day in my life at work and with my family.


Friday, March 22, 2019

Vlog: Calorie Counting | Weight Loss Talk | Gym Night

Happy Friday, everyone! This week was a long week but, a good one. My husband and I went to the gym on Monday night and, then on Tuesday I started getting a head cold. I am feeling better today and so tonight, we are planning to go back to the gym. 

I am hoping to edit some more vlogs while Piper is at preschool today. In the meantime, here's a vlog from Monday, March 4th.

Make it a great weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Most Important Reminder

Hey everyone! So, I'm not sure if you follow me on Instagram or not, but if you don't - you should! ;)

The other day, I shared about my recent struggle with the scale and how it was starting to affect my workouts. Check out the post I shared, here:

I want to steal your attention for a minute to talk about the importance of NSV’s during any weight-loss journey. (NSV = Non-scale victory) 💪🏻 I have been feeling frustrated for the past week or so because, despite my consistent effort of making healthier choices 80% of the time, the scale stopped moving 🛑💀 I know I’m gaining muscle from weight lifting and so I actually considered NOT lifting in the gym today, just to see that #️⃣ move. That’s unhealthy thinking and I’m calling myself out! Instead, I DID lift weights today and while I was using the tricep dip machine, I noticed that I fit differently in it! My sides no longer brush against the machine while I’m using it. NSV for the win! The scale isn’t everything. 👌🏻 . . #balance #pcos #pcosweightloss #weightloss #losingweight #weightlossjourney #activeliving #fitfam #igfitfam #ww #wwcommunity #progress #motivation #moderation #fitnessjourney #fitspo #inspiration #nodeprivation #balance #healthyliving #goals #nevergiveup #pcoslife #cyster #wwfreestyle #trackingcalories #weightlossmotivation #heathylifestyle
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I have been working out about 2 - 3 times per week, staying within my calories 6/7 days per week and drinking about 40 - 80 oz. of water per day. I am doing well but, the scale isn't moving and it is getting frustrating! I have been stuck at 233-234 lbs. for about two weeks now. 

I really enjoy strength training at the gym and, while lifting weights increases my progress toward living a healthier life, it definitely has been slowing the progress on the scale. Which is more important though, really?

I know that it is not good to only want to lose weight and focus on that number on the scale. That's not what this is all about here but, I do get stuck there sometimes. I need to remind myself that I am doing this for my overall health. That's what is most important. I want to gain mobility. I want to gain strength. I want to gain endurance. I want to feel better and, I am doing all of the right things to get there. I just need to keep going.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Vlog: Dinner Date Night + Weekend Recap

Hello and happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend!


On Friday, I pulled into the parking lot at Piper's preschool only to be reminded that she had a 4-day weekend off from school! 

Since we were already all loaded up in the truck, I turned around and we went to the gym, instead! The temperature wasn't too low and so, after the gym we went to the zoo for an hour. There wasn't a lot available at the zoo but, we did get to ride the carousel and bask in the excitement that we would be able to visit again, soon! When we were done at the zoo, we picked up Nick from work to escape for a quick lunch at a local cafe. Piper had soup, I had sushi and Nick ate chicken and rice. It was a nice midday treat! After that, I took Piper grocery shopping and we had everything put away at home by the time Nick got home from work that afternoon.

Friday evening was spent all cozied up at home. Nick and I have been watching Live P.D. on the weekends and so, our wild night was spent cuddling on the couch with Halo Top ice cream and our new favorite t.v. show.


Saturday was a really fun day! We all went to the gym in the morning and then we participated in the local Maple Tour. The Maple Tour is a fun tradition for our family. We look forward to it each year!

Saturday afternoon was spent at home, gearing up for a fun night! We had dinner with our life grroup followed by an evening of bowling! I recorded some footage of our weekend and so you'll probably see a vlog coming out, soon. 

In the meantime, I have finally edited the vlog from our date night two weeks ago!

I hope you enjoyed watching the vlog. Thanks for stopping by, today!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Vlog: Friday Night at the Gym

Another day, another video! 

I hope you all have been enjoying a small peak into our days with these videos. I have really been enjoying sharing my journey with you all in this way!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Vlog: Gym Night | Quick Walmart Trip | Best Low Calorie Ice Cream

Happy Thursday! I have been working on editing a lot of vlogs lately. Below is a vlog recorded on February 28th!

I hope you enjoyed watching! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Monday, March 11, 2019

Meal Plan 3/9/19 - 3/16/19

Happy Monday, everyone! It's me! I'm here... on a Monday! I feel like it's been a while since I have been organized enough to get a blog post out on a Monday morning.

I hope that you all had a great weekend! I am still trying to get use to the fact that my weekends now run Friday - Saturday, since I work for the church on Sunday mornings. Thursdays are now my Friday nights and Saturday nights are now more like Sunday nights for me. I find myself prepping for the week on Saturday nights, similar to how I use to on Sundays. It's a weird shift of mind and I feel a little unbalanced with my family at times, since my husband's Saturday nights are still Saturday nights. I don't know if any of that made any sense at all but yeah, it's taken a mental shift on my part, for sure.

Despite all of that, I still enjoy making my meal plan and grocery list for the following week on Fridays! I also enjoy going grocery shopping for the entire week ahead on Saturday mornings. 

This weekend, I went grocery shopping for the following meal plan:

Dinners for 3/9 - 3/16

Saturday: Popcorn Shrimp + Asparagus + Fries
Sunday: Turkey Meatloaf + Baked Potatoes + Mixed Veggies
Monday: Baked Fish + Roasted Peppers, Zucchini, Onions
Tuesday: Full Staff Dinner Meeting
Wednesday: Chicken + Broccoli + Rice
Thursday: Teriyaki Steak + Vegetable Stir Fry
Friday: Chicken Salads with Fries
Saturday: Fish Fry with friends

I like to plan out our dinners for the week and run a loose plan for breakfast and lunches. I often skip breakfast myself but, when I do eat it will usually either be a smoothie or something simple like two eggs and a slice of toast. As for lunch, I will usually eat a salad, soup or dinner leftovers.

Make it a great week, everyone!

Friday, March 8, 2019

Coming Soon: Breakthrough

Let's talk about a break-through! Not one that has happened yet but, one that is GOING TO HAPPEN SOON!

You may have noticed that I have been trying my best to track my weekly weigh-in's for quite some time now. For a quick overview, you can check out this link: Archived Weigh-In's.

I am so glad that I have this data to look back on. Just the other day I was wondering, "what has been my actual lowest weight on this weight loss journey that started back in 2011 and when was the last time I reached that weight?" 

Since I have been keeping a record of my weigh-in's, it didn't take long to find out that my lowest weight pre-pregnancy was 227.5 lbs. and the last time I came close to my lowest weight postpartum was in 2017 when I weighed in at 228.7 lbs.

November, 2013: Lowest Weight Pre-Pregnancy - 227.5 lbs.
May 2014 - January 2015: Pregnant with Piper
August, 2017: Lowest Weight Postpartum - 228.7 lbs.

So, in my entire 8-year weight-loss journey, I haven't been under 227.5 lbs. Right now, I am somewhere around 234 lbs. That's only an 8 pound difference to reach what would be my biggest breakthrough in my weigh-loss journey to date! 8 pounds! That's it!

I am determined to get there! To reach new heights, or rather - to reach a new low!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Throwback Thursday Vlog | Beach Day

Obviously I'm back into creating and editing vlogs again. It's a little hobby of mine and I've been dedicated to setting aside some time to do more of the things that fill my bucket. Filming and editing vlogs is one of those bucket fillers for me!

I found some footage that I recorded last June and decided to finally edit it and share it now for a little throwback! I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

My Body Was Tired

Hey, everyone! Just stopping in to share one of my latest videos with you. I recorded these clips at the end of February.

As you saw later in the video, I am not motivated and chipper every day. I have bad moments, bad days, bad weeks, etc. The key for me in those moments, as you saw, is to spend a little more time on self care. 

More videos to come, soon! Thanks for sticking around.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

February Family Day Vlog

It's the last day of February! To celebrate, I am sharing a quick little video from one of our favorite days that we had the opportunity to enjoy as a family this month!

I hope you enjoyed watching!

Today is my final weigh-in day for February. I will be sharing my stats with you all, soon!

Make it a great day, everyone!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Messing Up + Being Consistent

Hey everyone and happy Wednesday! I am so happy to share that we are all finally feeling better here! It's been a rough start to 2019 as far as getting sick and then sick and then sick again but, we are well now! Give me a minute while I go knock on wood.

February kind of went by like a blur for us. I can't believe that March begins this Friday! I am so ready for it because that means we are just that much closer to SPRING! Bring on the Spring! I am ready to get outside and enjoy nature again!

This month posed a lot of different challenges for me as far living out the healthier lifestyle that I am always working toward improvement on. I celebrated my birthday at the beginning of the month, then it was Valentine's day, then we all got sick and I didn't want to cook and we ordered out a lot. I mean, we had Chinese food (a few times), McDonald's, we went out for Italian food. We ate out a lot in this short month! Thankfully, I started reeling things back toward the end of this month and it looks like I will still be ending the month with a small loss on the scale!

If anything, I wanted to mention all of the challenges and the ways we "messed up" this month because it still goes to show that just because you "mess up" (and say, get Chinese take-out twice in one week), doesn't mean that you should give up! 

My motto for this season: Consistency is not never messing up; it's never giving up!

I have been making some small changes that have been adding up lately, as well. This past Sunday, I stopped by the drive-thru at Wendy's and instead of ordering a cheeseburger meal, I picked a salad. They have some of the best salads for a fast food chain!

It's small choices like this that add up over time so, even if I did eat Chinese food twice in one week earlier this month, I have the opportunity each day to make small choices that add up and eventually overrule the not-so-great choices! The proof will be on the scale! I'll be weighing in tomorrow for my final weigh-in of the month and soon I'll be sharing my total weight lost in 2019, thus far!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

A February Adventure

Hello everyone! I am feeling much better today! I am so happy to be able to sit up without feeling dizzy and walk around without feeling incredibly weak this morning. The 24 hr. stomach flu sure was a doozy!

In between being sick with one thing and then another, there was one really wonderful day that I have been meaning to share about here; mostly so I don't ever forget.

Last Friday, my husband took the day off from work so we could just hang out. I usually struggle with feeling kind of low this time of year (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and so, this was a real treat for him to stay home and make it a long weekend for us together.

After we dropped Piper off at preschool, we went to get some coffee's at the gas station and then we drove around some back roads. It turned out to be such a nice day! It was chilly but sunny. We stopped at a creek access and then the bluffs. It felt so good to be by the water.

We kept driving down the seaway trail and made a couple more stops along the way. We had the best morning - just driving around, chatting and exploring.

I am so grateful for this man and the little adventures that we've shared.