Saturday, March 21, 2020

Self-Isolating during COVID-19 Outbreak

We are about a week in to self-isolating as a family (funny how that is now a positive thing) and so I wanted to fill you in on how we've been spending some of our days.

I don't think I can stress this enough - I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to continue working from home during this time! Last week, I continued with my schedule of working on Tuesdays and Thursdays (from home). My husband had a few hours of work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, which worked out very well for our family.

I know that with the kids being out of school, some people are wondering what to do. We weren't quite sure right away either but, I think what we did last week worked out really well for Piper and our family.

Mon: Mommy & Piper Day (Morning homeschool; Afternoon movie/free play; Evening family time)
Tues: Daddy & Piper Day (St. Patrick's Day! Arts and crafts, games, movies and free play)
Wed: Mommy & Piper Day (Morning homeschool; Afternoon movie/free play; Evening family time)
Thurs: Daddy & Piper Day (Arts and crafts, games, movies and free play)
Fri: Mommy & Piper Day (Unscheduled mix of a little bit of everything)

If that plan looks simple, it's because it is. While I love structure and plans, I also value simplicity. Last week kind of fell together in this way, and so we went with it! This next week is going to look different. We just found out that Nick will be out of work for a while which means every day is family day! :)

Besides having the opportunity to be able to work from home and more family time, here are a few other things I am really grateful for right now:

- Living life at a slower pace
- Running water, shelter, food (basic essentials)
- More time for Nick to get projects done around the house
- More time for prayer, reflection, bible study
- More intentional conversations with friends
- The opportunity to help others in new ways
- Warmer days are coming and we already got to enjoy some last week

During our time outside almost every day last week, we saw others from a distance. We've passed by people who were fishing, walking and riding their bikes. Before all of this, when things were busier, we might have merely managed a smile in passing. This past week, I have noticed more intentionality. I jump at any opportunity to wave at others, say "hi", and engage them with the thought in mind that this might their only face-to-face contact today. 

This is one thing I hope sticks around after all of this is over. I hope we never take for granted the opportunity to be in community with others.

Monday, March 16, 2020

March is Looking Different, Now

Hey, everyone! March is looking different for a lot of us.

Piper is off school for the next two weeks, and Nick is day-by-day on whether or not he has work. Nick had work initially today but, it looks like he will be coming home early. It is also looking like there won't be work tomorrow. My work with the church will continue, but I am grateful to say that we're welcome to work from home, and we'll also be working in some new creative ways.

When news of COVID-19 began amping up last week, I have to admit I was getting very annoyed. I thought people were overreacting, and wished they would just stop talking about it. 

There I was, wondering why everyone was acting out of fear (panic-buying food, non-stop talk about the virus, etc.) while also thinking that I wasn't acting out of fear by "not wanting to talk about it". After some time, and becoming better informed, I realized that in some instances people weren't overreacting at all. Something needed done. We needed to talk about it. I also realized that my initial reaction (avoiding the topic) was also rooted in fear, which gave me more to pray about.

Now that March is looking different, I am hoping to dedicate some more time to blogging and will be spending some time outside each day - no matter how cold it is. This is how I am practicing self-care. My brain seems to be in "high processing mode", which is exhausting. Getting out for a walk each day has been helping calm my mind, and gives me more intentional time for prayer.

What's one way that you're practicing self-care today?

Friday, March 6, 2020

Update: March - Week 1

First week of March has come to an end and, I'm down 2lbs. on the scale. I'm really happy with how this week went! 

While each meal wasn't perfect, I feel like I did a good job at balancing my plates overall. I went out to dinner with a friend (+ dessert), had a breakfast date with my husband, and I still lost weight this week! 

I managed to get in some extra activity this week which helped the balance of everything, as well. We had a night at the trampoline park and most days in general I was able to keep my steps between 7,000-10,000.

On the evening of Ash Wednesday, I felt called to give up fear for Lent. That's a daunting thing to give up, personally. At first, I was unsure how to go about following through with such a thing. 

Fear isn't tangible, and it's hardwired into our human-ness. I don't think fear is something that will ever fully go away and, I don't think that's the point. Instead, God is showing me that while fear will never fully go away, it is something that I must constantly give away -- to Him.

After a week of diving into The Word and being more faithful in prayer, I can already see how God is helping me overcome fear in some situations that were starting to feel a little hopeless. God is so faithful to transform us in ways beyond our own ability!

March - Week 1, was a good one!

Monday, March 2, 2020

Weight-Loss Update {March 2020}

Coming on to the blog today to share a little more of an update about my weight-loss journey so far this year. Obviously, this year didn't start off the way I had planned. 

We started out the new year pregnant! Then, we suffered another early term pregnancy loss.

These past couple months have been another teaching in how to balance grief and joy in life. Some days I feel like I balance it well, while other days are a battle to keep my head above water. 

In all that has happened, I'm up 10 lbs. from my lowest weight. I've been maintaining somewhere around 230 lbs. I'd really like to get back to where I was before this most recent pregnancy loss, and hopefully that is something I can achieve this month.


There are a few blog posts that I feel like I still "owe you" and, those will come eventually. I am not sure how often I'll be blogging this month but, I hope to start focusing more on my self-care, again. I know that when I do, everything else seems to fall in place.