Friday, July 30, 2021

Saying "Goodbye" to July and to 7 Pounds!

Wow! I can't believe this is going to be my last post for the month of July! For some reason, I feel like saying goodbye to July is like saying goodbye to summer but, I know that isn't true at all. I wouldn't want it to be true, either. With that mindset, August then feels like a bonus month where we can try and fit in all the things we haven't done but wanted to do this summer; like more beach days and days at Waldameer!

In August, I'd like to try to spend more time outside in general. With Delaney napping three times a day this summer, it was a little more difficult to get outside and stay outside during our days. However, at nearly 8 months old, she is starting to drop her third nap and I am ready to start getting more creative to assure we all get more time outside. I know we are going to miss the opportunity to just be outside once winter comes and so I want to make the most of this season while it's still here!

As for weight-loss, I am excited to say that I am ending July with a total of 7 pounds lost! At the beginning of the month (7/5) I weighed in around 244 lbs. and today I weighed in at 237 lbs. I am feeling so much better physically, too!

If you haven't been following along with me this past month but you're interested in what I did to lose the weight, you can check out my past posts and/or visit my YouTube Channel where I went into even more detail on what I ate to lose weight:

Speaking about my YouTube videos, I didn't get around to recording a Week 3 update but I will pick right back up with my Week 4 update and will be sharing my goals for the new month of August sometime next week! See you then!

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Delaney Jane: Seven Months

The seven month update. Wow! I better get this update posted before she turns eight months next week!

Delaney is not quite mobile yet and I hope it stays that way for a little longer! When a toy is out of reach, she does roll around and around until she is able to finally reach it but, as for crawling, we're holding out as long as we can on that one!

Laney did get her first tooth this past month, which was very surprising to us! I was in the habit of checking her mouth every day and one day it was just there! No fuss, no change in sleep, she just popped a tooth with no problem! We knew she was our most tolerable baby but this was still such a surprise!

As for eating, she is definitely not as into food as her sister was at this age. Out of everything, Delaney likes her pureed greens the best - green beans and avocadoes are her favorite. She actually really enjoys the Happy Baby teething wafers, too. Half of the wafer ends up on her shirt but she has been slowing consuming more and more of those as she continues to practice eating! I think we are going to try to move to finger foods this month to see how that goes!

As for her temperament, Laney is really funny! She is still so very joyful and happy most of the time! Like I said, she is also very tolerant and doesn't cause much of a fuss. However, when she does fuss she has been showing us she has a little bit of a temper. She is very tolerable, very tolerable, and then boom, she shows us her temper! It's kind of funny because even her temper isn't all that bad and can usually be cured by a smile. She is just so, so sweet, this one.

Here are some photos from our month together:

Delaney Jane, we love getting to know you and we're so blessed to have you in our lives!

Monday, July 26, 2021

Balance = Losing Weight While Living Life

Are you ready to start a new week? I sure am! Last week was all sorts of wonderful mixed with difficult. My husband was working an off shift where he'd go in to work at 6pm and wouldn't get home until after 2am some nights. We were all thrown out of whack with our sleep and routine. I am excited to get back to a normal routine this week!

While the nights without my husband home were difficult, the days with him at home were wonderful! Piper is still going to her summer program at the school and so after she'd get on the bus, Nick and I (+baby) would go out almost every day last week. We went out to eat a few times, and I am very proud of myself for sticking within moderation and making smart choices around the indulgences of the moment. 

One of my favorite outings last week was when we went out to a Bagel Shop for coffee and scones at a new (to us) location. Afterward, we did some antiquing and then we strolled around the lake. Those were the moments that made him working the off-shift seem not so bad at all. It was quite wonderful in those moments, actually.

While out at the Bagel Shop, I was planning to indulge in a specialty coffee that was likely going to be calorie-heavy. However, when I got up to the pastry case I saw the most delicious looking blueberry scones. I decided in that moment I could indulge myself but I should only choose one thing to indulge in, for the sake of balance. Was it going to be the specialty drink or the scone? I ended up picking the scone and a blueberry coffee which ended up being very little calories and paired very well with my blueberry scone!

This is just another instance where keeping the mindset of "balance" has allowed me to continue on my journey of losing weight while living life!

Friday, July 23, 2021

*NEW* Weight Loss Video | Week 2 | What I Eat in a Day to Lose Weight

Happy Friday, everyone! Are you subscribed to my channel on YouTube, yet? If not, you're going to want to head on over there to get subscribed and caught up on my new series: weight-loss diaries. I've gone ahead and shared week two's video with you, below.

I hope you enjoyed this short video. More to come, soon!
Make it a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Lunch Time Indulgence | It’s About Balance

Happy Wednesday! How is your week going? Ours is going well and also a bit unusual. My husband has been working a later shift at work this week and so our routine is all out of whack. It has been nice having him home more during the day, though! 

Yesterday, we went out to lunch together which was a nice mid-week treat! Whenever he asked me if I wanted to go out to lunch, I almost said no. Part of me was afraid that if I went out to eat for lunch I might blow my current weight-loss streak. I needed to remind myself that my goal is not to just lose weight, but to lose weight while living life! If my husband asks me to go out to lunch with him, I’m not going to put that on hold just because I’m trying to lose weight. Instead, I’m going to remember the 80/20 rule and enjoy a delicious meal with my husband (and our baby).

Since I indulged in the best turkey rachel and fresh cut fries I’d ever encountered during yesterday’s lunch, I made sure to take it easy for the rest of the day as far as food went. I only ate half of my meal at lunch and so I had the other half of that meal for dinner. For my evening snack, I had watermelon and a rice cake with peanut butter. I tracked my nutritional intake as best as I could and I believe I did a great job, even with the lunch time indulgence.

Reminder: losing weight doesn’t have to be “all or nothing”. Balance is key.

Monday, July 19, 2021

No Room for the “All or Nothing” Mentality

Hello and happy Monday, everyone! Today starts Week 3 of getting back on track in July. Week 2 had a lot more curve balls than Week 1, but I still did really great overall! My goal is to lose weight while living life and that’s exactly what was done this past week.

I lost two pounds in Week 2, bringing my total to 6 pounds in July! I didn’t track every meal in Week 2, and I didn’t reach my water goals every day, but I did my best at keeping an eye on moderation and drinking as much water as I could. 

Most importantly, I didn’t give up when things didn’t go exactly as planned. Instead, I readjusted and continued on!

Going into this week, I am reminding myself of the 80/20 rule. There is no room for an “all or nothing” mentality when it comes to losing weight sustainably. I will try my best to eat within moderation and my nutritional goals 80% of the time. Grace will cover all the rest, followed by my perseverance to continue on despite the “success” of each day.

Make it a great week, everyone!

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

*NEW* Weight Loss Vlog | PCOS Weight Loss Journey | Tips to Jumpstart Weight-Loss | Week One

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today, I am sharing a quick video with 3 tips I followed last week to jumpstart my weight-loss!

I hope you found this video helpful! Stay tuned for more like it in the coming weeks. I plan to share a recap of sorts each week in the month of July as an extra layer of accountability to reach my goal of losing weight!

Monday, July 12, 2021

July 2021 Weight Loss Update - Week 1

Good morning and happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend! I'm going to jump right into my weight-loss update for the first week of July!

I started being more intentional about my healthy habits last Monday. I initially weighed in at 244.3 lbs and today, I weighed in at 240 lbs!

I am really excited to have lost 4 lbs in week one! I shared this blog post on Friday about a few things I did differently last week to jump start my weight-loss and it obviously helped me! I am going to keep those things in mind as I start this new week, as well.

One thing I wasn't able to fit into my week as easily as I thought would was my workouts. Even so, I made sure to end the day with at least 5,000 steps tracked on my FitBit. This is our last week of tball and so I imagine finding the time and energy to workout will be getting easier after that's off our calendar. We sure are going to miss those tball nights, though! Piper had a blast this season!

As for this week ahead, I am going to continue to find my new rhythm during the days when Piper is away at her summer program. I think I found a little bit of a trend in how to create a productive, fruitful day with a good balance of rest and play with my seven month old. I feel so blessed to be home for these days when my baby is still a baby!

Make it a great day, everyone!

Friday, July 9, 2021

What I'm Doing Differently for Weight Loss

Holy smokes! I don't know what clicked this week but I have been doing great with sticking within my nutritional goals. I have noticed I've done a few things differently this week which I am going to share. 

Instead of eating breakfast just to eat breakfast, I have been waiting until I am actually hungry to eat. Some days I was hungry around 10am and a couple days I wasn't until until noon. Either way, I started my day with a turkey and cheese sandwich because it was what I actually wanted to eat instead of breakfast-type food this week. Why do we sometimes make ourselves eat foods according to the time of day instead of foods that we're actually hungry for? Hmm.

Another thing that I did differently this week was cut out coffee. I didn't do it intentionally, either. I did, however, decide not to have any coffee until I drank an entire bottle of water. It just so happened that by the time I was done with my water bottle I didn't want coffee, I wanted more water!

Finally, I took the extra time it takes to weigh and measure my food so I had a more accurate idea of what I was eating before I ate it. I won't always do this but, I do know that it helps me in the beginning of starting to get back on track. Eventually, I will be able to get to a place where I can keep moderation without needing to measure, as I've done before!

Overall, this was a great first week of getting back on track in July! I am going to weigh-in on Monday and share my results with you then! Make it a great weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

A Week to Adjust to Summer School

My 6 year old, Piper, started her summer program at the school on Monday and it is going really well so far! This summer program is not technically "summer school". It's more of a program with STEM activities to help the kids to keep their skills learned from last school year. 

While we have been missing Piper at home, Delaney and I have been getting some great one-on-one time during the day! 

When Delaney naps, I have also been enjoying knocking out some items on my to-do list around the house. The first day Piper was at school, I deep cleaned her bedroom and the entire upstairs. I haven't been able to be this productive since before Delaney was born! 

I felt so accomplished after deep cleaning the upstairs and yet, I also felt like I needed to take pause because I know God doesn't have me at home just to strive for a clean and tidy house. I know He has more for me here, and so I made sure to take a good 40 minutes during Delaney's first nap yesterday to pray and study His Word. This was another thing I hadn't been able to do for that amount of time in far too long.

This first week of the program will be a time for us all to adjust to our new normal. Once I feel as if we're settling into our new routine, I will share that with you all!

Monday, July 5, 2021

Goals for July 2021

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day! We had a great weekend celebrating with our family! Look at these cute kids of ours. We feel so blessed to live where we do with these sweet American girls of ours!

I know we just celebrated the 4th of July but, it still is hard for me to believe that it's actually July. I mean, the weather for sure seems like it but, I just can't believe how fast this year is flying by! That's just what happens when you're having fun, right? It's also what happens when you have a baby that just turned 7 months old yesterday... update coming soon!

Since it's a new month, dare I say that I am ready to set some new goals? If you were around a couple months ago, I was feeling mighty motivated in May to set my first postnatal weight-loss goal. Come to find, I wasn't quite ready to do so. Honestly, I still might not be fully ready but, I do feel like giving it a try.

Basically, in my opinion, trying to lose weight during the first year after having a baby should only be done with an insurmountable amount of grace and patience. The first year after having a baby is not the time for putting your body through any more pressure than it is already under. I'm saying this for myself and for anyone with a baby right now - that baby will not be staying a baby! You can push pause on weight-loss goals but you can't push pause on your baby growing up. So, remember to keep a certain kind of balance in mind when moving forward in this area.

With that said, I am going to try to lose some weight this month! I'm not setting a goal amount as much as just a general goal of losing weight. My husband is in on this, too! Especially after having 10 days straight of a family staycation and eating like we were on vacation, we're both ready to get back on track and start feeling better!

Water Goal

I am going to stick to trying to drink 80-120 oz of water each day, and make sure not to drink any coffee until I finish 40 ounces of my water. For some reason, that really helps me stay on track with my water goal. 

Nutrition Goal

I am making it a goal to track and stay within my my nutrition goals through My Fitness Pal for 5/7 days each week.

Activity Goal

With summer activities in full swing, my evening walks/runs have not been happening. I am making it a goal to take some intentional time for walking and/or running 3x/week!

Hopefully by sticking to these goals, I will see some weight-loss on the scale this month! Either way, I am going to keep trying to make living healthier a priority and desire for myself. How about you?

Saturday, July 3, 2021

End of Staycation + Change is Coming

Our family staycation week is coming to an end and it's been incredible! We have enjoyed taking life at a slower pace and making new memories around home! My soul, heart and mind is feeling refreshed.

On Monday, Piper starts her 6 week summer program and I'd be lying if I didn't say I am feeling a certain kind of way about it. I don't know exactly how to explain the feeling. I guess it would be similar to the feeling of sending her off to Kindergarten for the first time - you know, since we didn't actually "send her off" to Kindergarten during the pandemic. 

It was such an incredible privilege to facilitate remote Kindergarten for Piper at home this past year. Piper did amazing at home, however, she didn't get any real classroom experience. That is mainly the reason we decided to sign her up for the summer program being offered at her school this year. We want her to get some classroom experience before jumping into first grade! 

So, on Monday I might be a little bit of a wreck. I know it's just a summer program but, Piper and I have been together nearly all day every day since the pandemic began. This is going to be a big change for us all! I am certain it will be for the best, though. Piper is such a social girl and being with her classmates will make her so incredibly happy! Getting some one-on-one time with Delaney throughout the days will be a really great benefit for me, as well.

With this new routine will come a new rhythm for our family. It may take a week or two for us to settle in but, I am excited to share more about it all as we go through it!