Monday, September 27, 2021

Delaney Jane: Nine Months

Delaney Jane is nine months old. These are the days where I have been snuggling her a little longer as she dozes off in my arms because I know the time for that blessed opportunity is fleeting. She is busier than ever before, crawling all over the house and pulling up on anything she can. She is more curious than ever and also, more vocal than ever. She definitely lets us know what she wants or doesn't want at this point!

Delaney has officially begun the transition from baby to toddler. It pains my heart to admit that but, it's just very apparent in her day-to-day. Babies, after all, don't just wake up one day and become a toddler. It's a gradual thing and I feel fortunate to be witnessing this slow transition with her, at home. I thank God, every day, for the opportunity to be home with her during these days when my baby is still a baby.

It is around this time when I start thinking about the reality of her turning one in just three months. It is a bittersweet thing to begin thinking about. I don't let myself think about it for too long though. I want to be here, in this moment, when she is still just nine months old.

At nine months old, Laney loves to wave and giggle at her family, especially first thing after she wakes up. She loves to be carried from room to room, waving her hand excitedly as she searches for her sister and dad. When we are out of the house, she buries her head into our shoulder or chest when someone outside of her immediate family tries to engage her. She will then peak back at them to see if they are still looking, and if they are, she buries her head back into us again.

More recently, Delaney loves to be walked and bounced around her room to help her to fall asleep. She rests against a Lambie on our shoulder as we pace and bounce, pace and bounce. If we slow down, she begins to bounce her body, telling us in that way to keep going, don't stop bouncing yet. It's sweet and something I don't want to forget about these days.

Bath times in the sink should probably be coming to an end. We have been ending up with more water outside of the sink than inside, these days. She has begun "dancing" when she hears music or when one of us says "dance, Laney!" She shakes her head from side to side and bounces up and down. She's been teething but we haven't gained any new teeth beyond her two bottoms.

This past month with Delaney has been so new and yet, familiar of the days when Piper was a baby. We feel so blessed to be raising up another sweet girl in Jesus' love. Here are some photos from our past month together.

Delaney Jane, we love you at every stage. We love watching you grow!

Monday, September 13, 2021

15lbs Down in 10 Weeks

Hello and happy Monday, everyone! After two weeks with no weight-loss to report, I finally have a loss to share and it’s an exciting one for me!

I lost 3 pounds last week, bringing my total weight-loss amount to 15 pounds in 10 weeks! I feel lighter and I am excited to keep going. I want to free my body of this excess weight and increase my state of health overall.

With all that said, tomorrow starts our favorite local Fair Week! I’m going to be realistic (because that’s important in any weight-loss journey) and in knowing it’s Fair Week, I am not expecting a loss on the scale. I am, however, hoping to at least maintain my weight-loss by practicing as close to an 80/20 balance as I can while eating all of our favorite Fair foods! 

What kind of Fair food you may be wondering? I’m planning on making room for monster cheese, a gyro and maybe a slice of pizza as big as my face. Not all on the same night, of course. I’ll report back on all of that later this week.

In order to try to maintain some sort of balance, I am going to hyper-focus in on my water intake (because I know my food intake is going to be highly indulgent) and I am going to give myself a 10,000 step goal for the days when we go to the Fair for dinner/treats. That shouldn’t be too hard since there is a lot of walking being done down at the Fair!

For the (few) nights when we won’t be eating dinner at the fair, I made sure to prep two big batch soups. I usually use Fair Week as an excuse to not cook dinner at all, but I think having these soups on hand will make eating at home a lot easier on those nights when we are just going down for a dessert.

I loved hearing about your personal goals in the comments last week. Since it’s the start of a new week, how are you planning on keeping balance for yourself? Cheering you all on! Your goals are worth prioritizing!

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Two Weeks, No Weight-Loss + Brant's Trip

Hello, and happy Tuesday! I'm coming to you on a Tuesday because it's been a while and yesterday was Labor Day. The first week of school went really well for all of us. Piper loves going to school. She was a little bummed that it was a three-day weekend because she couldn't wait to go back with her friends! I really enjoyed the one-on-one time with Delaney during the day and, the time with Piper in the evenings felt even more intentional and good.

As for my weight-loss, I have had a couple weeks where I haven't been following the 80/20 rule. Instead, it has been more like 50/50. As the weather began to change these past couple weeks, we ate out more than we usually would; taking advantage of some of the last bit of warm weather we could. The reality from that is I didn't lose or gain any weight for the past two weeks.

I am partly kicking myself for this because I could have been down at least two more pounds by now, but on the other hand I am honoring what I decided to do these past couple weeks. Giving myself grace is a big part of whether or not I will be successful and so, this is me, giving myself grace.

Our most recent indulgence was when we went out to Brant's Apple Orchard. Ever since my sister and her husband brought us to this place a few years go, we have been making it a point to visit every season. It opens at the end of summer and stays open for most of Autumn. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and some of our favorite treats from them this weekend!

I think it's safe to say Delaney loves Brant's Apple Cider Donuts as much as the rest of the family!

Now that it's been a couple weeks, I feel ready to get back on track with living an 80/20 lifestyle. It's important for me to remember that the journey isn't meant to be linear. Also, for myself, I believe little bits of time off from the routine is important to sustain the long journey ahead.

This week, I'm recommitting to my water goal (120oz/day) and getting back to tracking everything I eat. What will you be doing this week to "get back on track" or "stay on track"?

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

We Have a FIRST Grader!

Piper has returned to school as a First Grader this week!

On her first day of school, Piper was excited, nervous and brave! She wanted to take the school bus, even though she knew it would be filled with kids she might not know. I got a report from one of my friends who works at the school when she saw Piper get off the bus and walk straight to her classroom. Then, later I got a report that she saw Piper being brave and good in the lunch room. It was so nice to get those little updates because Piper wasn't the only one who was nervous for her first day.

When Piper came home, she was met by her dad and I with a little bouquet of flowers. We were all happy to have her back home. We shared some of the best hugs! We talked about her school day and went through all of the fun coloring papers she completed at school. She didn't know anyone on the bus or at her lunch table but she said she made new friends from both places. She had a good first day and we all were able to breath lighter that evening.

On her second day of school, Piper seemed like she grew older overnight. She wasn't as nervous, and she seemed to have gained a certain kind of confidence that you can only gain by practicing independence. My heart is so proud of her. 

We are praying for all of the kids, teachers, staff and families to have a healthy and safe time together this school year.