Monday, February 27, 2017

HealthyWage Challenge: 3 More Pounds

Don't ask me how but, I am down another pound even without keeping track of calories or focusing much on my weight loss efforts last week. Maybe it was from the fact that I was using any spare minute last week to either work on orders or enjoy the wonderful weather we had. 

Sometimes being busy keeps me out of the kitchen in a good way. Other times, it can be a bad thing {i.e. too much eating out, etc.} This past week, it worked out for the best!

HealthyWage Progress - week-by-week: 
January 6th: 253.8 lbs. 
January 13th: 247.5 lbs. 
January 20th: 246.5 lbs. 
January 27th: 246.3 lbs. 
February 3rd: 241.5 lbs. 
February 10th: 243.7 lbs 
February 17th: 242.1 lbs.
February 24th: 241.6 lbs.

Goal weight: 238.6 lbs.

I am almost to my goal! I have 3 pounds to lose in 3 weeks! Every meal counts either toward my progress or against it. I am going to keep this in mind this week and every day going forward.

Last week, I was busy with my drop week. We got into three consignment shops, two of the shops being new to us this year. Below is a peak at the shop set-up at Peter's Chocolate. We made a couple rustic display tables to house a few of our rustic treasures. We can't wait to add more and swap the goodies with new ones all throughout the year.

Now that drop week is over, I am almost back to business as usual. I still have a long list of to-do's for my business, but I feel like I am going to have much more time to focus on my weight-loss efforts this week, compared to the last.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Drop Week

It's drop week for Anything Rustic.

My desk is so cluttered, working at it gives me the feeling of something crawling under my skin. It's been taking everything I have to keep the kitchen sink from overflowing with dirty dishes {and most days I'm losing that battle}. I've re-washed the same load of laundry three times because I keep forgetting to swap it until the next day {make that 4 washes}. I've been wearing presentable real-world clothes {which is normally a rarity} until I fall into bed sometime after midnight each night. I've been forgetting to eat until it's way too late, only to eat whatever is quickest to make or grab at the end of the day. It's been a hectic, crazy, out-of-routine week. It's drop week!

Drop week is the week when my husband and I make and drop off a bunch of our handmade products to sell at local shops under consignment. Up until this past week, Anything Rustic only consigned at "The Light in the Woods" in Edinboro, PA. Now, my small business consigns at a few local shops! 

This month, we added two new shops to our list of consignments and everyone's drop seemed to fall in the same week. The juggle is real, you guys. It's been fun and it's been hard. The reward is so great, though. I love each and every consignment we're in right now. Local shops have my heart, for sure. I am working with some of the best people!

Since I am now dealing with multiple consignments, I have made it a point to provide a local-exclusive item for each shop we work with. All of the local exclusives can only be found at those shops locally, however, we will be offering them online, as well.

The Light in the Wood's Exclusive: "Lichenberg Figures" by Anything Rustic

The Albion Pharmacy's Exclusive: "Albion" Wood Signs by Anything Rustic

Peter's Chocolate Shop's Exclusive: Rustic Wood Trays by Anything Rustic

Along with the shop exclusives, we also throw in a variety of our other handmade items to sell. Each shop carries a small line of our select burlap banners; the handmade product that started it all.

This week, I am working hard to keep all of the balls in the air as I juggle it all. In order to stay on track with trying to lose weight, I have been keeping my water bottle handy and giving myself loads of grace as we make it through this drop week!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Stay the Course

You guys... I am fully on track to reach my 6% weight loss goal for my HealthyWage Challenge. I can't even explain how excited I am about that!

I don't even feel like losing this weight has been very hard, per say. It's just been a struggle of consistency, really. The hardest part is just staying the course, but the course itself isn't hard at all. My personal course is to just eat within calories, drink all of my water and exercise a few times a week.

If you've been following my food journal on Instagram, you know that I'm not "dieting" -- at all. I'm eating everything I normally eat, just in moderation {most days}. I've been striving to stick within my calories, which I usually end up coming in right at the high end of my range {in the 1900's}. 

I've got about 4 pounds left to lose and 4 weeks to lose it! I am motivated, knowing that this is a realistic goal to achieve. Losing a pound a week is definitely doable. I can do this! I will reach my goal. 

HealthyWage Progress - week-by-week: 
January 6th: 253.8 lbs. 
January 13th: 247.5 lbs. 
January 20th: 246.5 lbs. 
January 27th: 246.3 lbs. 
February 3rd: 241.5 lbs. 
February 10th: 243.7 lbs 
February 17th: 242.1 lbs. 

To date: 11.7 lbs lost! 3.6 lbs. & 4 weeks to go! 

Now, if you remember, this HealthyWage Challenge is team-based. My husband is my partner on this team and in order to win, we have to lose 6% of our combined body weight. My husband has been struggling a bit more than I have in this challenge. 

Nick is doing really great staying within his calorie range {even better than I have}, but he struggles with drinking water during work. Drinking enough water is such an important key to losing weight!

Nick is an HVAC Controls Technician and is working on a bunch of projects right now. His job at times can be very physical and fast paced. I am going to try and think of a better way for him to get water in during the day. Any tips from my readers welcome! 

In knowing that my husband is having a harder time than I, losing his 6% for this challenge, I have begun some small weekend challenges for the two of us. Last weekend, we did a water challenge, to see who could drink half their body weight in ounces faster. 

Drinking that much water obviously takes all day and making a challenge out of it seemed to help us stay on track. We would check in on each other throughout the day and rush to fill up our bottles as soon as they were empty. It was really fun! Nick ended up winning the challenge last weekend! Now, I am ready for our next rematch.

Readers, what's a fun way you like to challenge yourself to stay on track?

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Visualize Success to Be Successful

This week hasn't been going according to plan. I've had a few stressful things pop up, and the Valentine's candy came just at the right {or rather, wrong} time. Don't get me wrong, we had an amazing Valentine's Day! All three of us got dressed up nicely for the occasion and did a family date night at a local restaurant. We had the sweetest time. My husband also bought me some of my favorite chocolate covered caramels for Valentine's Day {two days ago} and they are long gone, already. 

And the twizzlers? Let's not even talk about the twizzlers. Okay, fine, I'll talk about them. I bought twizzlers last weekend because I saw them and thought it would be a nice treat. Well, they ended up being the catalyst to me getting any work done this week. As I worked on my orders for Anything Rustic this week, I did so with a pile of twizzlers next to me, and always with one hanging out of my mouth. The twizzler bag is finally empty and I am not going to get another bag for a while; not until I get a little more self control back. 

I have been referring back to my post from the other day, where I declared that I will no longer let the tone of the week determine my success for each day. I'm going to finish out the week meal by meal; realizing that each meal can either count toward my success in losing weight, or count against it. Just because a majority of my week hasn't been great, doesn't mean that today can't be great.

Now, to get to the real reason I started this post to begin with; today I wanted to share a little trick I've been using to help visualize my success. I went through some old pictures of myself and found one from when I felt really good in my own skin. I'm talking about when my clothes fit nicely, and I was just overall happy with how I felt in my body every day. I remember feeling more limber, and more healthy in general.

At the time this photo was taken {in Virginia Beach, 2013}, I wasn't anywhere near my goal weight, but I felt good. I was exercising more consistently and I was eating well 80% of the time. Never have I been perfect in my ways, and for that I can rest easy. I don't need to be perfect to lose the weight and feel good in my own skin. I just need to do a little better.

The real catch is that I was only about 15 pounds lighter in this picture than where I am at now. Given, this picture was taken before I had a baby, so things have shifted a bit since then, but, I am looking forward to reaching this weight again regardless.

I am looking forward to feeling even better in my own skin, and by looking at this picture every day {it's my laptop's background}, it reminds me to make better choices so I can get there faster!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How Focusing on the Big Picture Hurts

If you read my post yesterday, then you already know that I've lost about 10 pounds in the past 6 weeks. Yay, right?! Well, losing 10 pounds sounded great to me until I started to think about the 70 pounds I still need to lose to reach my ultimate goal weight. Yikes. 

Sometimes, thinking of the big picture isn't the best motivator.

New Year, New Me. We've all heard that one before, right? While looking at the new year as a new chance to reach your goals can be motivational, it does have it's downfalls. Same goes for treating each week as that "new week where I'm going to reach all of my goals". I am guilty of doing this all the time. Actually, I was guilty of proclaiming that just yesterday. 

The thing is, starting the week with that kind of perspective can be motivational, however, what happens when you "blow it" on Monday or Tuesday? I don't know about you, but sometimes it makes me feel like this wasn't "the week" where I was going to get my act together after all, so I might as well try for next week instead. 

But, where does that leave me? It leaves another week in the dust of what could have been. It leaves days like Wednesday through Friday untouched just because it wasn't going to be "the week" for me, after all. That kind of thinking promotes the no-good-all-or-nothing mentality and, before I know it I'm saying things like "I'll have better luck next week, so what are we ordering out tonight, instead"?

Today, I want to urge myself and anyone else who struggles with this problems to stop thinking of the big picture so much; to start added up the little moments in each day, instead. I want to look more at how each meal is either going to end up helping or hurting my progress. If I have a bad meal, it's not a reason to throw in the towel for the entire day. The next meal counts, too; for better or worse. 

While each week is indeed a fresh start; each day is, too. Furthermore, each meal is where the real success starts. For more success in losing weight, I want to focus more on the meal-by-meal instead of the day-by-day or week-by-week. My success is going to be gauged more on each healthy choice rather than the full tone of each day or week.

For times when I feel discouraged about how long it will take to get to my all-time goal, I need to remember that it will take even longer to get there if I keep putting it off. The time is going to pass anyway, so I might as well make this time count.

Focusing too much on the big picture tends to minimize our short-term goals. It makes our short-term goals seem like they aren't that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, however, it's those short-term goals that add up to the big picture, in the end. Overlooking short-term goals delays progress. 

Worst yet, thinking of the big picture minimizes short-term success. I have lost 10 pounds in 6 weeks and instead of thinking about how great that is, I have been thinking about how much further I have to go. 

Instead of letting the big picture minimize my short-term success, I am going to focus more on how losing this 10 pounds really makes a difference for me right now. I can do this by picking up a 10 pound bag of potatoes in the store or my 10 pound dumbbell weights. While I'm holding that 10 pounds in my hands, I can think about how this is the amount of weight that is gone from my body; that is how much weight is lifted from my joints; that is how much weight I worked on losing these past 6 weeks and for now, it is enough. It may not sound like much when thinking of the big picture, but it truly makes a difference. It all adds up in the end.

While I've given many reasons why focusing on the big picture can hinder weight-loss progress, there have been times when focusing on the big picture has helped. For instance, it helps me to occasionally visualize myself at my all-time goal weight. It's motivational to think about how it will feel once I finally get there; to think about how much more mobile and how much healthier I will be. Thinking of the big picture; of myself at my goal-weight, can give me that extra boost of motivation I need to make a healthier choice in the moment.

All in all, every choice matters and every pound loss adds up in the end. Make every moment count.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Comeback Stronger than Setback

I am just about halfway through my HealthyWage challenge and I have some great news to report! {Don't know what I'm talking about? Read more about my challenge, here: Goal of Losing's HealthyWage Challenge}

My HealthyWage challenge has been going on since January 6th and will continue until March 16 - 31st. The earliest we can weigh-in with our results is March 16th, but we have until the end of the month to weigh-in {if we haven't quite reached our goal by that time}. I am shooting for a March 16th final weigh-in!

The goal of the challenge is to lose about 6% of your body weight in about 12 weeks. For me, a 6% loss comes out to about 15 pounds. As of now, we are about halfway into the challenge and I am more than halfway finished with my goal!

Our initial weigh-in was on a Friday, and so I have been weighing in on Fridays ever since. Here are my weigh-in results for the first half of my challenge.

January 6th: 253.8 lbs.
January 13th: 247.5 lbs.
January 20: 246.5 lbs.
January 27: 246.3 lbs.
February 3: 241.5 lbs.
February 10: 243.7 lbs

If you notice, I've gained about 2 pounds since the beginning of February. When I weighed in on February 3rd, it was the day before my birthday-weekend celebration. We splurged a bit that weekend, and the week after wasn't great; it took me quite a few days to get back on track. Now, we're here: the first day of week six. I'm ready to put all that behind me and continue on.

A 10 pound loss in 6 weeks is a great success. I keep having to tell myself this because I am a little bummed about my 2 lb. gain last week. It's silly to be upset, though. I know all too well that weight-loss is not a straight and narrow path. Life happens and failing is part of the process.

I saw a quote the other day that helped me get out of my little funk:

My goal this week is to make my comeback stronger than my setback! Whether my strong comeback is in the form of a bigger loss than my gain on the scale, or just the success of knowing that I put in a good week's work toward living a healthier life. This week is going to be a strong comeback week!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Be Like a Tree

I love trees. They are so fascinating. I love to just sit and watch them, all year round. In the fall, they shed their leaves so it's branches can bear the weight of the snow in the winter. Tree's don't need to be told to do that, they just do it. I am learning that I need to be more like a tree; that I can do it all, just not all at once.

If you've noticed, I have been trying to post regularly during the week-days and have been taking off the weekends. It has been working great for me so far, however, his is the first week since the new year that I have been unable to post daily during the work-week. Business is picking up for Anything Rustic and writing has been one of the leaves that dropped as I bear the weight of the extra work coming in right now.

Writing is such a release for me, though. I won't ever drop it for too long. Like the leaves on a tree, writing is a part of me. It helps me sort out my feelings and regain perspective. I learn more things about myself when I take the time to write. I learn what I have been doing wrong and what I have been doing right. I learn what is most important to me.

While my goal is to post here daily, Monday through Friday, I want to keep in mind that I need to be more like a tree. When I need to bear the weight of extra responsibilities, I can shed a leaf or two until the busy season passes. This goes for all areas of my life. 

Sometimes, I have enough time and energy to be the best friend I know I can be, and other times, I am not living up to my full potential. There are times when I have so many new experiences and thoughts to share here on the blog that I could blog daily and still have so much more to share, and other times not so much. There are weeks when I make homemade meals from scratch almost every night, and other weeks where I'm lucky if we get one homemade meal {that's not from a box, bag or can}.

Seasons are ever changing, and like the trees, we must change with them. Like the trees, we must know when to drop our leaves to bear the weight of a tough season. We must take the time to be still when the winds of change aren't whipping us around. We must stay rooted, and close to what makes us feel strong. If we stay deeply rooted, we will grow and won't bend until we break when the winds come at us.

All of these thoughts came to me just from taking a little bit of time to sit in my favorite seat in my house and look out my window at the big tree in our backyard. It was one of those moments where the wind died down a bit and instead of continuing to rush on to the next thing, I choose to be still and take a few moments to grow. Those moments are so important. I am seeking more of them these days. I am being more like a tree.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Going Off Track

It's one of those weeks where there just doesn't seem like there are enough hours in each day. My husband worked 2nd shift the past two nights and jumped right back into first shift today. Things have been a little backwards in our house, as my husband doesn't work 2nd shift very often, and I'm ready to get back to our normal routine.

I haven't been focusing much on tracking what I've been eating this week but, that is going to change starting today. I believe that the act of "going off track" isn't as important as how long it takes you to get back on track. I am not letting another day pass without putting a little more focus back on myself and my health.

Readers, fess up. Who hasn't been on track with their goals lately, and tell me what you are going to do to get yourself back on track today!

I am going to log everything I eat, drink all of my water and report it on my photo-food-log on Instagram.

Monday, February 6, 2017

My 29th Birthday

This past weekend, I celebrated my 29th birthday and I must say, being 29 is pretty great!

My husband and I rented a hotel on the Lake, not too far from home. We stayed in a hotel nearby so we could include Piper in on some of the birthday fun. Piper loves to go swimming and this hotel had a really nice pool with a panoramic view of the lake.

We checked-in to the hotel extra early that morning, and took Piper swimming as soon as the pool opened. We had the whole pool to ourselves for two full hours. It was so wonderful! 

Even though we weren't too far from home, in those moments, I felt like we were a world away; rather, I felt like we were in a world all of our own for the morning.

After we were done swimming, we took Piper up to the room to shower and get ready to head back home. We had arranged for Nick's mom to watch Piper at our house that afternoon, and my mom to stay overnight with her. It was so nice to spend the morning as a family, and the evening as a couple, just Nick and I.

After we dropped Piper off at home, we went back to the hotel and planned out a relaxing evening while having a drink and appetizer at the hotel bar. 

The hotel that we stayed in was so nice and new. We actually picked this hotel because Nick had worked on installing the HVAC there this past summer. He kept telling me how nice it was there and he did not disappoint. It was beautiful! I loved the views being right on the lake.

After spending some time at the hotel bar, we ventured out and went shopping at a couple different stores. We had no where to be, and nothing that we had to do. It was the perfect kind of evening. We stopped a book shop where I bought a few new books for myself. After shopping, we went out to eat at a local brewery.

When we got back to the hotel, we changed into some comfy clothes and headed down to the beautiful lobby to relax together as I started reading one of my new books. 

We spent well over an hour sitting there, just listening to the lobby music; going back and forth between reading my book and looking out at the city lights reflecting off the iced-over lake. I haven't been that relaxed in a while. It was exactly the kind of night we both needed.

The next morning, we went out for a relaxing breakfast, where I read some more of my book and chatted with Nick about the week ahead. We kept saying how nice our trip had been, and how relaxed we felt from just one night away.

Once we got home, we were both so happy to see Piper again. It's funny how just a little night away puts everything into perspective. 

I loved our time away, but I am excited to get back to our ordinary days. I am another year older, and I couldn't be more happy with exactly where I am right now, with the people I love.

29 is going to be a great year.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Piper Grace: Two Years Old

{My baby is two!} I have a million emotions tied to that four-word sentence. I don't even know where to begin. How about with all of her past updates?

Piper Grace has blossomed into such a brilliant little toddler. I sometimes think back to when she was a baby and wonder what we ever did before she started talking and telling me all of her ideas. We are having so much fun together; she is my little buddy. I love this age! 

It seems to me now that Piper has been talking for as long as I can remember, and she says some pretty amazing things. Piper has been able to count to ten for many months and can identify almost every letter in the alphabet. It's been such an amazing year, watching this brilliant little girl grow.

I can't tell you how many times Piper has surprised Nick and I with her vast vocabulary and definitions. So often, Piper will surprise Nick and I with something new and we'll just silently give each other wide eyes, thinking to ourselves, "how does she already know all of this stuff"? 

We often wonder if we are raising a genius {haha}. But really though, Piper is scary-smart. We might just think that way because we still expect Piper to still be a baby {for at least the next 30 years, please}. Piper is very on track with all of her milestones, and we are so thankful that she enjoys learning new things so much.

In the past few months, Piper learned to identify a few shapes, her favorites being the crescent moon, star, circle and heart. She identifies stars and hearts all the time, while we are out shopping or watching t.v. She is so proud to tell me when she sees a shape or letter she recognizes.

Piper loves food! She is a foodie just like her parents. Piper loves the traditional kid's foods {like Wendy's chicken nuggets and fries, mac n cheese, grilled cheese, etc.} but Piper eats more like an adult most of the time. Piper has been eating a lot of salads with me during lunch, which amazes me. Piper loves all fruits and vegetables, and often requests them over most things. Unless there's a spatula with cookie dough on it; the cookie dough always wins!

Piper goes through some weeks where she isn't as hungry as others, but she will never turn down her favorite meal: a burrito bowl with rice, avocados, tomatoes, black beans and shredded cheddar. Piper also loves it when I make pierogies with meatballs and green beans or when I make brussels sprout stir frys and our new favorite: spaghetti squash. This girl loves to eat! Needless to say, she is a great toddler to take out to eat, too. We love our family night's out! They are so special!

Piper knows all too well which restaurants we like to frequent, too. There was one time when Piper even tricked us into eating at Panera Bread! It was a few months ago. There is a Panera Bread attached to a grocery store we use to go to {use to, being the prime phrase here} and as we entered the grocery store one day, Piper started panic-crying. She was throwing the biggest fit! Nick and I couldn't figure out what was wrong, so we took her outside. 

Going outside seemed to make her crying stop a little bit but, she started pointing down the sidewalk begging to walk. So, we went for a walk with her. Piper stopped when we were outside of Panera Bread and she all of a sudden became very happy, saying "mmm, noms, mmmm". Nick and I just looked at each other, wondering how she knew there was food there (we had only gone to lunch there once before with her). Piper started pulling us to the door insistently and we followed. Nick and I spent the entire lunch laughing and discussing how much trouble we are in; letting our toddler dictate lunch, already.

Piper loves to be active and play outside. She loves to explore and be adventurous. She is a very independent little girl, and she loves to do new things. We put her through her first round of swim classes this past fall, and she has been talking about "swim" ever since. The next round of swim classes begin in the Spring and we can't wait to for them to start!

Piper can repeat just about anything you say to her. Most of the time she says it completely right, but other times, when trying to repeat more challenging words, she only says the easier half of the word. She is coming up with new sentences every day, and her enthusiasm makes us laugh daily.

The other night, Nick started asking her a bunch of questions before bed. He asked Piper, "do you want to go ni-night?" Piper said "no...". Nick asked, "do you want to go up and get lambie" and Piper said "no...". Nick asked, "do you want to go upstairs" and Piper said "no...". Then, Nick asked randomly, "do you want to dance?" and Piper whipped around super fast and exclaimed "YESSSSSS!" with so much excitement in her voice and on her face. Nick and I just laughed and laughed, and then before we knew it we all were dancing in the middle of the living room at 8:00 at night. Needless to say, bedtime was a little late that night.

Piper's wild and wonderful personality is ever-so-present at two years old. I wonder what we ever did before knowing exactly what she wanted each day. I know the terrible-two's are coming {and are sometimes present already} but I wouldn't trade this age for the world. I am soaking up every minute with this sweet girl. She makes me be a better person, every day.

For more on Piper turning two, I shared a post on her second birthday, which you can find here: Piper's Tea for Two.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Non-Traditional Weight Loss Methods

As I'm working on getting healthier, I am learning that losing weight isn't just about changing the way you eat and the amount of time you spend exercising. 

I have found that I have more success in losing weight when I focus on some non-traditional things, outside of just eating well and exercising more. For me, keeping a balanced bank account and a clean house both help contribute to my weight-loss success, too.

Challenge: think of a stressor in your life and ask yourself how it can be hindering your weight-loss success.

You may be wondering how banking and losing weight have anything in common at all. The answer is quite simple for me. When I know how much money I have to spend on groceries each week, it's easier to prioritize my meal plan and grocery list. I can feel better about splurging a little extra money on more fruits and vegetables or, when it comes to getting all of the ingredients to try a new recipe. 

I am trying to think of spending more money on fruits and vegetables as an investment in myself; an investment that I will have prioritized money for, since I'm on top of my banking. 

So in essence, keeping a balance bank account = more healthy choices = more weight loss. You can take that to the bank. See what I did there?

Keeping my house in order can do wonders for losing weight, too. Especially when it comes to keeping the kitchen and my refrigerator cleaned out. When everything is in disarray around me, it can be stressful and stress is a trigger for binge eating.

Having a clean, organized refrigerator has helped me to make so many better choices these past few weeks. When my refrigerator is full of too much stuff, it can be hard to pick out the good food; especially when I'm in a hurry. Now, I have fruit and vegetables chopped, prepped and placed well in sight to give me more incentive to eat more of the "good stuff" when it comes time to snack time.

Keeping my house cleaned goes beyond the kitchen and the obvious living areas. It's important to keep up on my laundry, too. I can't tell you how many times I was able to find the motivation to work out and was knocked down a peg when I came to find that I did not have any sports bra's washed or my favorite capri's were no where to be found. 

I don't need any more excuses to not work out, trust me. Cleaned and put-away clothes = more opportunities to work out. 

Maintaining a clean atmosphere to help you lose weight is a real thing. I believe that outer chaos breads inner chaos, whereas outer calm promotes inner calm. I have noticed that even when I have a good reason to be stressed, I can't help but feel more relaxed when my house is clean. 

Sometimes the clutter and stuff around me drains my energy without me even realizing it, too. It's as if I'm consciously thinking "how could I possibly go for a walk on the treadmill when I have all of these dishes to do, etc". My energy is being drained from my atmosphere, even if all I'm doing is sitting down, "relaxing". 

Here's some more basic math: keeping a clean house = less stress = more opportunity to make healthy choices = losing more weight.

Losing weight and keeping it off doesn't just come from changing the way you eat for the better better and by exercising. Transforming all areas in your life can help you to be more successful in losing weight in the long term.

Readers, what helps you lose weight beyond the standard of eating well and exercising?

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Treating Food as Fuel

Throughout my weight-loss journey, I am coming to find that if I want to feel good, I need to eat good. Sounds like common sense, right? However, when I feel bad, I often go for the "comfort" foods. 

You know what I'm talking about. 

The truth is, eating more of the comfort foods vs. more healthier options may bring me the comfort I'm seeking for a little while but, eating well will make me feel better in the long run. 

Whenever I feel like seeking comfort in food, I need to ask myself this: 
Do I want to feel comfortable from the satisfaction of eating junk food or do I want to feel more comfortable in my own skin because I ate well, lost weight, have better mobility, can breath easier, etc.?
To keep going in the right direction, I am making some promises to myself.

1. It's time to start treating food more like fuel for my body, again. It just runs better when I eat better. 

2. I need to look at buying healthy food at the grocery store as an investment in my well-being. No more excuses not to buy all the fruits and veggies we need for the week. I am not going to cheap out on myself, anymore. I am worth it.

3. I am not going to waste any more fruits and vegetables. I am going to keep doing my Sunday meal prep and snack preps for the week. I won't have as much waste if I prep and store my food properly.

4. I am going to keep my fridge cleaned out so I can have more room for the "good stuff" and to make the good stuff more visible to me; giving it more opportunity to be my first option more often.

5. I am done treating myself like a garbage can. 

The other day, I overcooked my toddler's chicken fries. I knew they were too overdone for her liking. I had to make more. Instead of just throwing away the over-done chicken fries, I was tempted to just eat them, so they didn't go to waste. I wasn't even hungry, though! I almost ate them but, I didn't. It still bothers me to say that I threw them away but, it was the right thing to do. I am not a garbage can.

Earlier this week, I was craving a second wind. I am happy to say, it has arrived! I am seeing the scale move down again, and I am feeling great from fueling my body with real, good food. 

I am doing this!