Friday, April 30, 2021

First Postpartum Weigh-In for Weight Loss

I am only a few days away from being 5 months postpartum and I finally feel like this is the month where I can begin to work on my goal of losing weight, again. Granted, if at any time I feel like it's not healthy (for my mind) to be focusing on weight-loss right now, I will push pause. 

I take the postpartum season very seriously when it comes to mental health and I am a big fan of not putting unnecessary pressures on oneself during the first 6 months (to a year) after bringing another life into this world. With that said, I believe I may be ready to start giving myself a goal to work toward, and this next month will be my experiment to see if my mind is truly ready for that kind of a challenge.

If you notice, I talk about "my mind being ready" and I refer to my mental health when talking about starting a new weight-loss goal. I believe the battle for weight-loss is not done on the scale as much as it is done in the mind.

Earlier in the week, I felt very bloated and just ready to stop the cycle of gaining weight that I felt I've been on since breastfeeding came to an end a couple months ago. My first postpartum weigh-in for weight loss was 243lbs on Monday, April 26. This week, I did a trial run of tracking my nutrition and I am now down to 240lbs. I lost 3 pounds this week and I feel like I am ready to keep going.

On Monday, I'll be sharing my goal of losing for the month of May. I am both nervous and excited to begin my first challenge in over a year! While I will have a goal of losing weight in the month of May, I feel like my true goal is to keep my mental health in top shape while beginning a new challenge. I will be doing frequent check-ins with myself and I give myself the permission to push pause if needed.

I feel like there are not enough people sharing the importance of mental health and weight-loss, especially for postpartum mothers. I also feel like there are not enough people modeling the practice of grace with oneself when it comes to weight-loss in general. You can give yourself the permission to pause, refocus, or rest at anytime.

In my opinion, staying true to your mental health needs is more important than losing weight, especially in the first year after having a baby. With that said, I feel like if I care for my mental health, the goal I'm trying to reach will be more attainable.

Be kind to yourself, friends! I'll see you back here on Monday.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

*NEW* Vitamin Regimen | Care/of Vitamins

Hey, friends! Thanks for stopping by today. For those of you who might be newer to the blog, let me share a bit about where I'm currently at in life. I am 4 months postpartum with baby #2 and I am trying to prioritize and care for my health, while also caring for a sweet new baby and the rest of my family, too.

One way that I care for my health is by taking vitamins. For me personally, vitamins played a big role in preparing my body for baby #2. I have PCOS and I did a lot of research on what my body was lacking due to that disorder. I supplemented the correct vitamins prior to getting pregnant and saw some really great results (i.e. Delaney Jane).

I continued taking my prenatal vitamins postpartum for about 4 months. After some more research and taking a quiz through Care/of, I believe I have a new idea of what my body needs in this season of life and I'm excited to start a new vitamin regimen!

After taking the quiz and doing my own research for my personal health goals (PCOS and postpartum in mind), I ordered my first delivery of personalized Care/of vitamin packs and began taking them last night. I can't wait to report back in a few weeks on how I'm feeling on my new vitamin regimen!

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Feel free to use the link and code to take the quiz and get 50% off your first delivery from Care/of! Let me know if you give it a try and stay well, friends!

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Lunch Lately

I don’t know about you, but lunch is one of the most trickiest meals to plan and serve in this house. This week, I am trying to keep my lunch healthy and easy! Between remote learning with my kindergartner and managing a household with a 4 month old, lunch needs to be quick! 

On Sunday, I meal prepped cooked quinoa and ground turkey in separate containers. I’m going to try to switch up the way I use those two main ingredients for my lunches this week! So far, I’ve use it two ways.

On Monday, I made a quinoa and turkey bowl with Caribbean jerk, sour cream, and spinach.

Today, I made my quinoa and turkey bowl with lemon, a dollop of cilantro lime hummus, and spinach.

Tomorrow, I’m thinking of going Mexican with sour cream, salsa, and spinach! So far, meal prepping two main ingredients for lunch and then mixing it up a bit has been fun, healthy, and delicious!

For those of you interested in what to do for kids lunch, my 6 year old has been loving “snack plates” lately. Today, Piper had tomatoes, cucumbers, buffalo chicken lunch meat, provolone, pretzels and animal crackers for dessert!

What do you think about starting with two main ingredients and mixing up lunch as you go? What two ingredients should I try for my lunches next week?

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Zoo Trip: Party of 4

Hey! Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today as I share some photos from our recent trip to our local zoo. This was one of the first adventures we went on as a family during my husband's seasonal lay-off from work last month and it's one that I've been dreaming about for a while, now.

It was so special for us to be back at the zoo this year as a family of 4 for the very first time. This was something I'd always imagined for us. This first visit was special to us in many ways but watching Piper "show her sister around" for the first time was definitely the best. After all, we use to push Piper around the zoo in that very same stroller. It is so, so sweet to think about and witness.

I imagined what zoo visits might look like this year, with an infant added to the family, and I must say that this is even better than I could have imagined.

Feeling like our family is complete is something I've longed for so long and it's the little moments like these that really help it all sink in for me. God is so faithful!

Monday, April 19, 2021

Delaney Jane: Four Months

This update has been the first one that has been hard for me to write. I can't believe Delaney is already 4 months old (as of 2 weeks ago)! This past month has been a really fun time! My husband was home with us for most of it due to a seasonal lay-off from work. That made this month extra special. That is a lot of time that we will never get back and I'm so glad that he was here with us for it.

Delaney is growing perfectly, weighing in at 15.7lbs at her 4 month appointment. She measured 24 inches, putting her in the 34th percentile. Much different than her sister who was constantly on the high end of the charts.

Delaney turned 4 months old on Easter. This past month, she found her feet and has been playing with them anytime she can! She loves grabbing whatever is set out in front of her, too. Of course, whatever she grabs immediately goes to her mouth for further examination. She loves going on nightly stroller rides during our family walks. She almost always falls asleep for a little nap during that time. 

Speaking of naps, I kept track of an entire day in Laney's life recently. Here's a general outline of her schedule, currently.

4 month schedule (varies daily)

5:00am - wake up & feed

5:30am - back to sleep

7:00am - wake for the day

7:30am - feeding

8:45am - nap

9:45am - wake

10:30am - feeding

11:30am - nap

1:30pm - wake

1:45pm - feeding

3:00pm - nap

3:30pm - wake

4:45pm - feeding

6:00pm - nap during our family walk (sometimes this nap doesn't happen & bedtime happens earlier instead)

7:00pm - wake

7:30pm - feeding

8:00pm - sleep for the night

Delaney is such a good sleeper so far! She usually sleeps most of the night, only waking in the middle of the night a few times a week otherwise she will go as long as 4/5am.

When Laney is excited, she does a little penguin dance, as we call it, where she flaps her arms at her sides and wiggles with excitement! We love watching her little personality develop with each passing month! She is such a sweet, happy baby!

Here are some pictures from the past month with Delaney Jane.

Delaney helps make our family feel complete. We're already wondering how we lived without her in our lives.

We love watching her grow!

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

First Date Night in 6 Months

Hey! Thanks for stopping by today. I was hoping to have Delaney's 4 month update finished but it's just not quite ready yet. What I am coming to find is that delaying the post isn't seeming to slow down time as I'd hope. She just keeps growing more and more each day! Hopefully I'll have an update to share with you, soon.

I don't have a whole lot to share today but I did promise I'd have a post up. So, I will just reminisce about the awesome weekend we had! On Friday evening, my friend invited me out to a dinner last minute and I was so happy I was able to say yes! It was a great night!

On Saturday, my husband and I got our first real date night out since welcoming our second baby into our family. With our first baby, we went out for our first date night out after only a few weeks. This time was much different with various COVID restrictions and our own safety precautions throughout the past few months. 

For this date night, we put our girls down to sleep at normal time and were out the door by 8:30pm. My mom stayed back to watch the monitors. Nick and I went shopping and out for a drink and an appetizer. We were home around 11pm and the girls stayed asleep the entire time we were gone. Bonus: they slept through the night, too.

It felt so good to be out, again. It had been nearly 6 months since our last real date night out! We did get creative with different date night's "in" during the past 6 months but still, I hope we'll never have to go that long without a date night "out", again! Either way, it was worth the wait.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Our Easter 2021 + First Swim with Delaney

So, Easter was well over a week ago but I'm just now getting around to sharing some pictures from that day. Delaney also turned 4 months old on Easter and so that update will be coming soon, too.

We attended Easter service the evening before Easter which worked out really well with the kids. We visited my dad's family for the first time in over 4 months. A day before that we were able to color Easter eggs with Nick's mom and stepdad. That was all really special. 

The next day, we had a slow Easter morning at home, followed by a visit at my mom's house that afternoon. It was a great Easter! We were happy to be able to visit with family - we only asked for masks to be worn when holding Delaney, other than that it was a fairly normal holiday and we were so grateful for that.

The week after Easter was unseasonably warm and we soaked up every bit of it! We did our Spring planting, we got out to the playground, we took nightly family walks and grilled our dinner every night. We also took our first trip back to the YMCA to go swimming for the first time with Delaney! I am so happy we reinstated our membership this month!

This is such a special season. We are soaking it all up!

Thanks for stopping by today. Enjoy your day and expect another update from me on Wednesday!